Discover The World Best Islands in Indonesia.

Borobudur Temple, a world heritage in Central Java.
It comes naturally that Indonesia is a wondelful archipelago country. Indonesia has long been called as "the Pearl of the Orient" as Indonesia is a make up of over 17,000 islands, big and small, stretching around 5000 km from Sabang Island in the northernmost of Sumatra Island on the west to Merauke in West Papua on the east, endowed with tropical weather and covered with tropical forest rich of endemic flora and fauna.
Ijen Crater in East Java.
Most stunningly, the archipelago is also known as "a ring of fire along" with the most islands are dotted with so many volcanoes, active and dormant. Not to mention the wealth of marine environment, Indonesia also has among the longest beaches in the World and is part of  coral triangle as the global center of marine biodiversity.

Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island.
No wonder Indonesia is truly the most wonderful cluster of Islands in the World.  "Wonderful Indonesia" is not mere a slogan or motto to entice touristers to come as three islands in Indonesia was crowned with the Best Awards 2018 in the category of the Best Island in the World by Travel and Leisure, a well known travel and leisure website. In its site,, Java Island was announced as the best island in the World. Futhermore, two other islands : Bali and Lombok Islands are also named as the best two and three following Java Island.


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