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Watch Out 100 Wonderful Events in Indonesia

Indonesia selected 100 of the approximately 3,000 local tourism events into the 100 Wonderful Events Indonesia 2018. The 100 Wonderful Events Indonesia 2018 comes from across the archipelago from the province of Aceh to Papua (Traveldetik,31 Desember 2017). Here are the 100 2018 tourist events:
1. Aceh Culinary Festival
2. Aceh International Rapa'i Festival

Sumatera Utara
3. Festival Danau Toba
4. Ya'ahowu Nias Festival
5. Pekan Raya Sumatera Utara

Sumatera Barat
6. Tour de Singkarak
7. Festival Pagaruyung
8. Sawahlunto International Music Festival

9. Bakar Tongkang
10. Bono Surfing
11. Festival Pacu Jalur

Kepulauan Riau
12. Batam International Culture Carnival
13. Bintan Triathlon
14. Festival Pulau Penyengat
15. Festival bahari kepri
16. Tour de Bintan
17. Kenduri Seni Melayu

18. Festival Kerinci
19. Festival Batanghari

Bangka Belitung
20. Bangka Cultural Wave Festival (coming home celebration)
21. Festival Tanjung Kelayang

Sumatera Selatan
22. Festival Sriwijaya
23. International Musi…

Tourism Sector of Indonesia Flourishes in 2018

The event of Asian Games 2018 is almost over, yet foreign tourists are expected to keep coming in the near future to enjoy the beauty of natural wonder and the attraction of unique culture in Indonesia. Indeed, Indonesia has launched "Wonderful Indonesia" as a country brand in promoting tourism sector  to boost foreign tourist arrival.  The event is considered as a sport event tourism in order to augment the existing tourism sector program.

Indonesia sees the 2018 Asian Games as an opportunity to boost the number of foreign tourists visiting this year. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Asian Games are expected to bring in more than 150 thousand tourists consisting of 10 thousand athletes, 5,000 officials, 5, 000 media and 150 thousand spectators (Traveldetik, 5 Agustus 2018).
During 2018, in fact,the Ministry  has selected 100 of the approximately 3,000 local tourism events into the 100 Wonderful Events Indonesia 2018 which are packaged in a guidebook. …

MANADO FIESTA 2018 ( 31 August – 09 September)


Enchanting Garut, The Switzerland Van Java.


Discover The World Best Islands in Indonesia.

It comes naturally that Indonesia is a wondelful archipelago country. Indonesia has long been called as "the Pearl of the Orient" as Indonesia is a make up of over 17,000 islands, big and small, stretching around 5000 km from Sabang Island in the northernmost of Sumatra Island on the west to Merauke in West Papua on the east, endowed with tropical weather and covered with tropical forest rich of endemic flora and fauna.
Most stunningly, the archipelago is also known as "a ring of fire along" with the most islands are dotted with so many volcanoes, active and dormant. Not to mention the wealth of marine environment, Indonesia also has among the longest beaches in the World and is part of  coral triangle as the global center of marine biodiversity.

No wonder Indonesia is truly the most wonderful cluster of Islands in the World.  "Wonderful Indonesia" is not mere a slogan or motto to entice touristers to come as three islands in Indonesia was crowned …

Indonesia Celebrates Its Indepence day on 17th August 2018.

Indonesia, or the Republic of Indonesia, with around 252 million people, is the world's fourth country. Originally controlled by several Hindu and Buddhist, and later by Islamic kingdoms, the archipelago enticed European spice traders beginning in the 16th century. 
By the end of th19 century, the country still a colony of the Dutch Administration. Nationalism grew in the early 20th century, after the World War II marked by the unconditional surrender of Japanese to the Allies in the Southeast Asia and the vacuum of foreign powers, this country proclaimed its independence on Augustus 17, 1945.

The Declaration of Independence by Soekarno-Hatta on August 17, 1945.
The declaration of independence was read by Soekarno, accompanied by Hatta , later became the first President and Vice President, at Jalan Pegangsaan Timur 56, Jakarta. It took Indonesians four years of diplomacy and armed struggle before their independence was formally granted by Queen Juliana of the Nether…

Visit Solo City : Arts & Festivals Agenda in Solo City ( Agustus to December 2018)

Agustus 9 - 16, 2018
An attractive concert of gamelan (Javanese traditional instruments) presententing several gamelan orchestra groups performances from Solo City and other foreign countries

September 26 - 27, 2018
Watch the captivating performances of National and International artist in theathre, music, and dance on marvelous outdoor stage.

September 26 - 27, 2018
National festival of Reog dance competing hundreds of traditional Reog dance groups from all over Indonesia.

October 2, 2018
Conference and Exhibition of Batik from distinguised Batik Cities in Indonesia

October 12 - 13, 2018
A fabulous Batik fashion show presenting masterpieces of local and national reputable designers and models

October 26 - 27, 2018
The beauty and uniqueness of various "Topeng" (Mask) dance from around Indonesia and othe…

Visit East Java : Gallery of Photos in Mount Bromo


Visit Palembang the City of Asian Games 2018 : Ampera Bridge with A New Look.

As the Asian Games 2018 Event in Palembang is around the corner, the beautification of Ampera bridge is already finish. Ampera bridge is always associated with South Sumatera Province, like Tugu Monas in Jakarta.  Then a visit to Palembang is not complete without a stroll along this monumental landmark in Palembang.

Now,  the bridge looks much more beautiful with all improvements done. A major change took place outwardly from its color. It is used to be painted with mostly grey color since the even first built in 1962 but now its color is strikingly red. You will notice that Ampera bridge also have two big analog watches weighing 200 kg and a diameter of 5.5 m  on its twin towers facing different directions.

Pedestrians will also be spoiled by the bridge. Pavement was touched with improvement as sidewalk on both sides of  bridge road are now covered with tick granite tiles. The sidewalks also have benches for pedestrian to unwind. Internet connection is boosted by the availability…

South Sumatera Built Botanical Garden

South Sumatera Province is going to have a botanical garden,called Sriwijaya Botanical garden. The garden is the only in Indonesia to built in an 100 ha area of wetland. " This effort earns appreciation from international community", the Governor of South Sumatera, Ir H Alex Noerdin SH commented when launched the development of Sriwijaya Botanical garden in Bakung Village, Ogan Ilir Regency. 
Alex explained that at least five function of botanical garden in South Sumatera when operation later in the future., among others is education  tourism on plants and conservation to children from basic school to senior high school. " there will three hundred kinds of plants to be grown in an area of one hundred hectares here " he added.
Besides, this botanical garden also function as tourism destination for people from South Sumatera, so there is no need to go far away to Bogor Botanical Garden in West java, enough to have it here in Sriwijaya Botanical garden. " We wil…