Here Are Five Oldest Cities In Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with so many cities in it. There are 98 large and small cities in the country that has about 17,000 islands and various tribes. Cities in Indonesia generally have a strong historical value.Therefore, quite many tourists who come to Indonesia learn the uniqueness of the old cities. They generally learn it from a historical, historical, and cultural perspective.

Here are five cities known as the oldest city in Indonesia, which began to stand before the year 1000 AD. Jakarta, established on June 22, 1527, is not included in the five oldest cities in Indonesia. First, Palembang; Palembang is the second largest city on the island of Sumatra after the city of Medan. The city that has the nickname "Bumi Sriwijaya" is the oldest city in Indonesia. The main icon of this city is the typical Ampera Bridge.

Palembang city is also dubbed "Venice of the East" or "Venice of the East" by people from western countries. The city is also the center of the Sriwijaya Kingdom which is the largest maritime force in Southeast Asia at the time.The city with typical food called ‘Pempek’was founded on June 16, 682 AD, as written on Kedukan Inscription Hill.
Palembang with Ampera Bridge as the Iconic Landmark.
Salatiga is the second oldest city in Indonesia after Palembang. If Palembang is located on the southern island of Sumatra, Salatiga is a city in Central Java that has existed since 750 AD.This small town also has its own unique history. The story of the creation of Salatiga City is written in Plumpungan Inscription located in Sidorejo. From the inscription that proved that the city of Salatiga is a very old city in the archipelago.

The third is Malang. Malang is located in the East Java Province, was also one of the oldest cities in the archipelago. The city that is located not far from Surabaya is also dubbed as "Paris van Oost-Java" or "City of Paris in the East of Java Island". Malang Air is cooler than other cities and the beauty of this city, making it considered equivalent to Paris.The famous city as an apple producer itself has been around since 760 AD, shortly after the existence of Salatiga City.

Kediri is one of the oldest city in Indonesia which established since 879 AD. The city is located in East Java Province with an area of ​​63.40 km ². Kediri is also known as the biggest sugar and tobacco trading center in Indonesia.The history of Kediri and Singasari kingdom is very strong with this city. Various relics of the kingdom - the kingdom was there in Kediri. Until now the city of Kediri continues to smear its image as a city full of history.In Kediri there is a building similar to the Arc de Triomphe Monument in Paris, France. The monument is made similar and used as an icon Kediri.

The fifth oldest city is Magelang. This charming little town is located in Central Java Province. Although the city is small, it has a very strong and valuable history.Magelang city is famous for being the location of the existence of the famous Borobudur Temple to abroad.Magelang was officially established as a city on April 11, 907 AD. In the 18th century England had mastered the city of Magelang and made it the center of government.

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