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Tourist Destinations in West Sumatra

Danau Singkarak
Danau Singkarak or Singkarak Lake is the largest lake in West Sumatra with a length of 21 km, which is located on a side street sport Padang Panjang - Solok.Around the lake there are several places to relax and unwind And there are also various facilities canoe, boat, and hotel. There is also the facility to surround the lake with a beautiful view.

Singkarak Lake is the 2nd largest lake in Sumatra after Lake Toba. The lake is situated at a height of 36.5 meters above sea level this is the habitat of ornamental fish species that lives only in this lake. Lake water is partly channeled through the tunnel to penetrate Bukit Barisan to Batang Anai to drive hydroelectric generators near Lubuk Alung Batur, Padang Pariaman. Fish bilih (Mystacoleucus padangensis) is a species of fish that are expected to live only in this lake, and became one of the specialties. 
Inevitably, the scenery around the natural attractions are so captivating. So fantastic. Eyes do not get tired …

South Sumatra Calendar of 2017 Tourism Events.

Festival Odalan Bali (Plaza BKB);  Sriwijaya Travel Fair (Palembang Square Mall);Palembang Art market festival (Monpera Plaza);Chengbeng Under the Bridge); April
Perayaan Haul Ki Merogan (Ki Merogan Mosque);Palembang Archery Festival (Jakabaring Sport City);May
 Palembang Culinary Festival (Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum);Musi Triboaton (BKb Plaza);Perayaan Ziarah Qubro ;Palembang Expo (BKb Plaza);South SUmara Expo (BKB Plaza);June
Shinning Palembang Festival; Bujang Gadis Competition;Traditional Boat Racing & Decoration Boat Competition (BKB Plaza);
Sriwijaya Festival;Culture and Culinary Festival (BKB Plaza);Palembang Heritage Run (Plaza BKB);August
Pemilihan Putra Putri Sriwijaya (Jakabaring Sport City);The Charm of Musi;Traditional Boat Bidar Festival(BKBPlaza);Traditional Song FestivalPalembang(OPI);
World Tourism Day Celebration;Gebyar Wisata (BKB Plaza);Coffee festival (Al Munawar Campong);October
Sriwijaya fashion carnival (Palembang Icon Mall);December

Let's Explore the Uniqueness of Cirebon City.

Cirebon is one of major cities in West Java province. It is a port city on northern coast of West Java. It is around 250 km to the east of Jakarta and located on the cross road to Central Java, as well as to Southern Java. When driving eastern-ward of Java Island through northern coast, Cirebon is a must city to pass by, especially when traveling by train. Cirebon is also accessible by air transportation.

Culturally, Cirebon is unique.  Its location on the north coast of the island of Java which is the border between Central Java and West Java, making it a port and a "bridge" between the Javanese and Sundanese culture so as to create a culture unique culture that is not dominated culture Cirebon Javanese and Sundanese culture.

Originally, the word "Cirebon" comes from Javanese word sarumban. Cirebon was a small hamlet, then grew into a bustling village and later named as Caruban (Carub in Cirebon language means unite). It was named as such because there was a mixe…

Calendar 2017 of Tourism Events in South Sulawesi.

17             The Change of Palace Guard, Tol Barani Troop, Ballalompoa Palace, Gowa
23             Pattaugung and Massampo Wanu, Soppeng
24 - 25      Makasar Interfood, Makasar
28             Mappalili, Parepare
29             Wajo Anniversary 618th, Wajo
                 Movie Week, Makasar (March)

8               Makasar Culinary Night, Makasar
3   -  6       Bone Anniversary, Bone
17             The Change of Palace Guard, Tol Barani Troop, Ballalompoa Palace, Gowa
20 - 26      Creative Work Week, Makasar
                 Bira Beach Run, Bulukumba (April)
                 Ajarang Festival, Jeneponto (April)
                 Maccera Tasi, Palopo (april)

12 - 15      Love Festival of Ainun and Habibie - Parepare City
17             The Change of Palace Guard, Tol Barani Troop, Ballalompoa Palace, Gowa
20 - 21      Makasar Tourism and Art Market  - Makasar City
                 Festival Sanrobengi Island - Takalar Regency (May)
                 National Photography…

Where can You Find Botanic Gardens Across Indonesia?

Botanical garden in Indonesia has been associated with  tourism attractions, in fact, it functions more than mere leisure activities. Bogor Botanical garden, for example, since its foundation, has also served as a major research and education center for agriculture and horticulture.

It is operated by Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI) and collects 13,983 different kinds of trees and plants of various origin in Indonesia. It is considered among the oldest botanical garden in Southeast Asia (

Currently, there are 5 botanical gardens operated by LIPI and 27 by local governments in 20 provinces. These botanical gardens represent only 17 of 34 eco-region (geographical eco-systems) in Indonesia. The botanical gardens (BGs) are as follows : Samosir BG, North Sumatra (100 ha) : high land plants in North Sumatra; Pelalawan BG in Pelalawan, Riau (100 ha) : peatland forests in Sumatra; Batam BG in Riau Islands (86 ha) : plants of small islands in Indonesia; Solok BG in, Wes…