Tourism Events in Indonesia (May 2017).

Rinjani 100 (May 5-7, 2017).
Formerly named as Rinjani Ultra, Rinjani 100 is one of the hardest races on the trail program. In extension to the old route and famously unmerciful trail from Senaru to Segara Anak Lake before finally crowning the sumptuous Mount Rinjani. the A-race is now a full 100 km with 9,166 meter of altitude gain. Scaling the Sembalun Hills, traversing ridges and valley, as well as an immense health, this trail unquestionably fuses together a breathtaking sight with an extra-brutal race for seasoned mountain runners.There are shorter distances on the program, although you still have to keep a good place to beat the cutt-off time. In any case, your struggles will be greatly paid by the staggering views of the volcano and the ocean surrounding Lombok Island.

Vesak Day (May 10, 2017).
Every year, thousnads of Buddhist monks gather in Borobudur Temple to perform a blissful ceremony called Praksadina. As a tribute to birth, death, and the enlightenment of Siddharta Gautama (known to most of us as Buddha), Vesak Day is one of the most popular rituals in Indonesia. Visitors are more than welcome to watch and observe this ceremony.  The first ritual is Pindapta, and continues on with a cavalcade from Mendut Temple to Borobudur Temple. With a momentous release of gorgeous lanterns into the sky as a symbol of letting go as the closing ceremony, this event gives you a chance to witness tranquility at its best. As Buddha has taught once; the highest form of happiness will only come when humans let go of their longings and desires.

Ubud Food Festival (May 12 - 14, 2017).
One of the most celebrated new three-day gastronomic events, Ubud Food Festival will spice up your cullinary adventure. It does not stop at outstanding chefs and innovative cuisine. Ubud Food Festival dishes up on a variety of delicious events, including workshops by food professionals, food tours arround the area's beautiful landscape, cooking demonstrations by cullinary icons, and food forums by restaurateurs. As their third  year in the gastronomy globe, fresh local produce is always one of the highlights of Ubud Food Festival. Explore endless possibilities with Indonesian ingredients, culinary experts, and naturally, Indonesian traditional dishes. Create your culinary journey with well-known chef celebrities and diverse food specialists.

Isen Mulang Festival (May 18 - 23, 2017).
Derived from Isen (Abstinence) and Mulang (Surender), Isen Mulang means to 'never give up and strive to achieve'. The festival contains a series of competitions in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan, displaying distinct Dayak Cultures through a ride down the river with whimsically decorated boats, Nourishing the spirits of Dayak people, the tradition is to unite, build together, tolerate, and maintain human dignity. With a series of programs such as races and games, dancing contests, music performances, and sport events, Isen Mulang Festival gathers thousands of Dayak people from the woodlands and hiterland villages to take part in a National Carinival Parade held in the center of this town. This is a perfect opportunity for you to exchange cultural wisdom with Dayak natives.

Art Jog (May 19 - June 19).
Since 2008, the many artists of Jogjakarta have contributed to Jogjkarta Art Fair. Althought in 2010 the name changed to Art Jog, the festival remains to be an outstanding exhibit with remarkable artworks fom numerous local artists. Art Jog defines the creative movement and culture initiated by both young and old artists of Jogjakarta. Art Jog will take you into the infinite cosmos of art through various mediums. SHowing the work of more than 80  Indonesians and International artist, Art  Jog  is undoubtedly one of the must-see events for art enthusiasts around the world who are looking only for the best source of artistic inspirations.

Bintan Triathlon (May20 - 21).
Ranging from new runners to professionals, Bintan Triathlon is one of the most awaited annual triathlon festivals in Asia, presented in six different categories. Entering its twelfth year as it continues to draw more participants every year, the even is always a good challenge for sport lovers with its endurance test. The location itself, a port island only 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore, feels like a world away. It is filled with pure white sand that tiuns gold from the shining tropical sun and pristine waters  to dive yourself in, an absolute heaven on earth. Are you ready to test your stamina with some of the world's best athlete on one of Indonesia's astounding islands?

Jogja Beach Run (May 21, 2017).
Passionate runners from around the world are encouraged to roam around the gorgeous landscape of Yogyakarta and Parangtritis, including the magnificent beach of Depok, Yogyakarta. Prepare yourself to run around on one of the most beautiful coats throughout java and its most pleasant view before sunset. Along with its legendary sea cuisines, you are guarenteed a good time. No matter if you're a professional runner or a newbie, this competitive event is your gateway to a culturally rich and healthy exercise.

Bali Blues Festival (May 27,2017).
Sweet melodies and smooth sound continues on as Bali Blues Festival celebrates its third successful year. Featuring Indonesia's most talented musicians, Bali Blues festival will boost your romantic mood,adding colors to your stay in the romantic island. With a remarkable lineup, you'll hear wonderful live sessions of world-class performances.

Harapan Island Folk Art Festival (May, 2017).
Harapan Island, literally translated as the island of hope, is an island surrounded by blue sea with breathtaking coral reefs. Filled with hopeful small settlements and resorts, as well as beach full of palm trees, the citizens of Harapan Island celebrate the modesty of their culture by holding the Harapan Island Folk Art Festival. Stop by for an array of art performances and exhibitions, along with displays of local cuisines that will keep you both full and entertained while you bask in the wonderful nature of Thousand Islands, or known as Pulau Seribu in Jakarta.

International Musi Triboatton (May, 2017).
International Musi Triboatton is an extremely thrilling boat race that takes place along more than 500-kilometer stretch  of the Musi River, one of the largest rivers in Sumatra Island. The race is broken down into five stages, featuring three water sport  such rafting, canoeing, and traditional dragon boat racing.Situated in wonderful route through several distrcits starting from Musi Banyuasin, Musi Rawar, Banyuasin, Empat Lawang, and the City of Palembang itself, the race passes beautiful villages and natural landscape along the Musi River. This river adventure is one daring competition with strong currents and encouraging obstacles. It will all be worth it once you take a glance at the most scenic sights from one spot to the next.

International Tour de Banyuwangi Ijen (May, 2017).
Recognized by  Union Cysliste Internasionale, International Banyuwangi Tour de Ijen is a fine race with more than 99 participants from 21 countries. The route begins and ends in Banyuwangi, where the sun rises firsthand. Immersing culture with sports, the opening ceremony of the event has a selection of art performances such as jedor drum concert and a release of hundreds of birds into the sky. The race covers 171.4 km through powerfully enchanting toute: shores, rural areas, and mountains; the main spot is none other than beautiful Ijen Crater. It is the only crater in the that emits blue fire. Experience a daring cycling challenge along enthusiastic  athletes from around the world.

Jailolo Bay Festival (May, 2017)
The islands of Maluku hold many of the most exotic beauty that defines Indonesia as a destination, including natural landscapes and cultural delights. Perfectly bundled at Jailolo Bay Festival, this celebration is a tribute to the sea at it is the source of people's livelihood and an approach to raise people's awareness of the beautiful west Halmahera. This exquisite festival holds uniqque competitions, both inland and underwater: diving and swimming, fishing, traditional dance, landscape photography, along with rowing race and fish eating challenge. To live up the festival, there are also musical performances. Jailolo Bay Festival is your gateway to an incredible journey at eastern part of Indonesia.

Medan International Coffee Festival (May, 2017)
As the third largest coffee producer in the world, Indonesia holds many delicious coffee beans to satisfy all coffee lovers. A few of them can be found in the most popular coffee shops all over the world, including the original North Sumatran coffee beans such as Sumatra Arabica, Sidikalang, Mandailing, Tarutung, and Lintang. Intrdoducing the produce, quality products, and the natural process of North Sumatran coffee, the three-day festival is created especially for you so you can enjoy the delights of freshly grinder coffee. Medan International Coffee features coffee exhibition, experts talk show, buyer and seller meeting, cupping sedssions, and mutual brewing demo.

Tour de Flores (May, 2017)
Tour de Flores 2017 comprises of a massive cycling tour around the island of flore, broken down into five stages with a total distance of approximately 743 kilometers. As a part of the UCI Asia Tour, Tour de Flores is anticipated to be the focal event of a wider cycling festival that will attract the attention of various avid cyclists globally. The tour also holds other stimulating activities, opening with a visit to the majestic Kelimutu Lake, a your via fun cycling as a supporting event, and ending with a stopover at KOmodo Island's Pink Beach. Get your bikes tuned for one of the most exciting tours in Indonesia.

Source: Ministry of  Culture & Tourism, Republic of Indonesia.


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