Tourist Destination in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara : Narmada Garden.

Padwangi Lake in Narmada Park, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.
Lombok is a value for money destination of tourism not only because of  its natural beauty by exploring beaches and small islands (gili), mountain, hills and waterfalls but also its cultural heritage as found in Taman Narmada, or Narmada Park. Located in the village of Lembuak, Narmada sub-district, West Lombok regency, about 10 kilometers east of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Province, it is always crowded both during the school holidays, or regular days by not only limited to  locals but also foreign tourists.The park name was taken from a holy river in India, the Narmanadi river.
A Map Board of Narmada Park.

Narmada Park occupies an area of around 2 ha and made as a miniature of Mount Rinjani  and its crater Segara Anak lake on order of the King of Mataram Lombok,Anak Agung Ngurah Ngurah Karangasem as a praying as well as resting place of the royal family during dry season.It is said that when the king was too old to perform the ritual sacrifice (Pekelem) to the summit of Mount Rinjani which has an altitude of 3726 meters, he then ordered all the royal architect to bring the feel of Mount Rinjani to the middle of the city center and make the Narmada garden as a miniature of Mount Rinjani.

The concept of the park is characterized by the feel of exotic nature, laid out like a mountain shape. At the bottom there are three ponds fed by springs clear as a lake. The numbers are three, the same as the number of Segara Anak Lake at the summit of Mount Rinjani. 

Inside the park there is a temple called Pura Kalasa located at the top. To get to this temple, you must pass dozens of stairs which are deliberately made to appear as if to climb Mount Rinjani. Quite tiring to get to the top on Pura Kalasa. But fatigue is paid off by the natural atmosphere that is still fresh, shady trees and natural pools with clear water.
Bale Terang.
Once entered, you will come across Halaman Pasarean. In the middle there is a building called Bale Terang. Bale Terang is an elevated building consisting of a basement that serves as a warehouse, the top consists of three parts, namely two rooms at the ends (North and South), which serves as a King bed room and its middle open which serves as the place of king looking towards the east. Bale Terang is the most appropriate place to enjoy the view of Padmawangi Lake.

On the right side of Telaga Padmawangi, you will find a bigger lake called Telaga Ageng.Ageng was made as a miniature Segara Anak Lake at Mount Rinjani as a substitute for a full implementation of the Pakelem ceremony in every fifth year of Caka (October to November), because the King was not able anymore to climb the Mount Rinjani. Pakelem ceremony is a ceremony that is associated with fertility and rain also which is also called Danu Meras ceremony.


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