Ondel Ondel, The Icon of Jakarta.

In Jakarta, Ondel Ondel is a popular art performance of original ethnic of Jakarta, Betawi. Ondel Ondel is characterized a display of  paired giant dolls -male and female- made of woven bamboos with a height of 2.5 meters and a diameter of 80 cm and accompanied by musics. The doll is colorfully painted with the male face in red while the female in white or yellow.

Like humans, Ondel Ondel also has sex. Not difficult to distinguish male and female Ondel Ondel. Normally, the face of male Ondel Ondel will be painted in red. Not only that, his eyes are made bulging, coupled with a mustache and arrogant smirk.The face is made with the intention of causing an impression of spirit and courage. There are also regard it as a symbol of the forces of evil and frightening.

While face-Ondel Ondel women will be painted with white color. Ondel-Ondel women also had large eyes, but do not stare. His mouth was smiling sweetly with makeup lipstick. It was considered a symbol of good strength and purity.

Male Ondel Ondel.
Female Ondel Ondel.
Ondel Ondel is originated from Betawi, the orginal people of Jakarta. Ondel Ondel is used to be believed a personification of ancestral Betawi people who always keep their offspring from the interference by evil spirits.

In the process of making Ondel ondel, it is conducted in an orderly manner. there is a special time for making Ondel Ondel, Good time to form her face as well as his body with bamboo weaving.

Aside from the face, Ondel-Ondel can also be distinguished from his clothes. Male Ondel-Ondel will usually use dark colored traditional clothing, while female Ondel-Ondel using plain bright color or with a pattern of flowers.

When performed, Ondel-Ondel must appear in pairs. This is no reason in itself. Betawi people believe it as a form of balance between the forces of good and evil.

Now, the stage for Ondel-Ondel not only can be seen at events Anniversary celebration of the Jakarta  city. However, the artists of  city also often display them on the streets of the capital city as a street art performance.



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