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Tourism Events in Indonesia (May 2017).

Rinjani 100 (May 5-7, 2017).
Formerly named as Rinjani Ultra, Rinjani 100 is one of the hardest races on the trail program. In extension to the old route and famously unmerciful trail from Senaru to Segara Anak Lake before finally crowning the sumptuous Mount Rinjani. the A-race is now a full 100 km with 9,166 meter of altitude gain. Scaling the Sembalun Hills, traversing ridges and valley, as well as an immense health, this trail unquestionably fuses together a breathtaking sight with an extra-brutal race for seasoned mountain runners.There are shorter distances on the program, although you still have to keep a good place to beat the cutt-off time. In any case, your struggles will be greatly paid by the staggering views of the volcano and the ocean surrounding Lombok Island.

Vesak Day (May 10, 2017). Every year, thousnads of Buddhist monks gather in Borobudur Temple to perform a blissful ceremony called Praksadina. As a tribute to birth, death, and the enlightenment of Siddharta Gauta…

Tourism Events in Indonesia (April 2017).

Wonderful Cirebon Festival
Cirebon has a rich cultural tradition and a unique, long history, good access, strongheritageand many attractions. Fetival pesona Cirebon or The Charm of Cirebon Festval introduces three key destinations of Cirebon : the historical Keraton Kasepuhan, Goa Sunyaragi Water Palace, and the coastal Cirebon. Showcasing Cirebon's potentials of traditional arts, local craftmanship, and authentic cuisine. The charm of  Cirebon Festival presents photography, rowboat, and ngejala (netfishing) at Ade Irma Suryani Waterland. Cirebon Sports, Youth, Culture & Tourism office, Jala Sunan Drajat no.15, Cirebon, West Java Phone No. +62231321209;

Sungailiat Triathlon (April 22, 2017)
Currently gathering thousands of runners from more than 65 countries, the International Sungailat Triathlon is a triathlon race unlike any other. You will swim in the mild water of Matras Beach, and then enjoy a bike track with a dramatically stunning environmen…

Tourism Events in Indonesia (February - March 2017).

Jogja Air Show ( Bantul, 23-25 February)

jogja Air Show is an nnual air acrobat event organized by Yogyakarta Government Office, Federation of Aero Sport Indonesia, and Adisucipto Air Force Base. Located at an airfield of Depok, Bantul Beach, this even presents more than 300 athletes of various air sports from around the world including England, Malaysia, and the Philippines. From aerospace sports, aero modeling, paragliding, to acrobatic paragliding, the Jogja Air Show is a must-go for all air adrenaline-seekers. Jogja Air Show also holds a photography contests and music performance.

Pasola War Festival (February - March 2017)
Pasola War Festival is an event to express gratuity tothe ancestral spirit of a tribe in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. This festival takes on a literal meaning of war, where two large groups of people are divided into two teams; they will fight each other using blunt spears while riding a horse. The word Pasola itself is driven from the word Pa (game) and Hola…

Calender 2017 of Tourism and Cultural Events in Indonesia

Laut Tawar Lake Festival (Central Aceh Gerency);Sail Sabang 2017 (Sabang, September 2017);Aceh International Rapa'i Festival (Banda Aceh City, September 20170;
North Sumatera 
Pekan Raya Sumatera Utara  (PRSU) ( 2nd week of March to 2nd week of April 2017);Toba lake Festival (Toba Lake, September 2017);Ramadhan fair (Taman Sri Deli Mesjid Raya Medan, Ramadhan month 2017);Riau
Bakar Tongkang(Bagan Siapi-api, July 2017);Pacu Jalur (Teluk Kuantan, Kuantan Sengingi,August 2017);Bono (Meranti Bay, Pelalawan Regency, March 2017);
West Sumatera
Tour de Singkarak (18 Cities andRegencies in West Sumatera, August 7, 2017);Tabuik ( Padang Pariaman, 6-11 November 2017);SIMfes (Sawahlunto International Music Festival, Sawahlunto City, September 16, 2017);
Riau Islands
Tour de Bintan (Bintan, 3-5 Maret 2017);Tour de Barelang (Batam, May 13, 2017);Dragon Boat Race ( Tanjung Pinang, October 2017); Bangka Belitung
Sungailiat Triathlon (sungailiat, April 22, 2017);Festival Negeri Laskar Pelangi (Bel…

Tourist Destination in West Nusa Tenggara : Sade Village.

In addition to having a very beautiful and charming nature and coastal scenery, Lombok island also has a very diverse wealth of traditional culture.One of the cultural heritage in Lombok island and also well-preserved is a traditional Sasak village Sade. Sade is a traditional village of Sasak tribe in Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara, where its people maintains social system and practices  unique traditions in their daily life handed down since the reign of the Kingdom Pejanggik in Praya, Central Lombok regency until now.
Lombok and Sasak is inseparable. Lombok is a home to its people called as Sasak tribe. Once you entered Sade, a noticeable tradition of Sasak tribe is the architecture of Sasak Tribe's houses. Sasak's traditional building in Sade Lombok consists of two types called Bale Tani and Lumbung Pare, or Barn.

Bale Tani is a building used as a residence, and Lumbung Pare is a building used as a place to store grain, harvest or to store all the needs. Bale Tani is a t…

Tourist Destination in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara : Narmada Garden.

Lombok is a value for money destination of tourism not only because of  its natural beauty by exploring beaches and small islands (gili), mountain, hills and waterfalls but also its cultural heritage as found in Taman Narmada, or Narmada Park.Located in the village of Lembuak, Narmada sub-district, West Lombok regency, about 10 kilometers east of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara Province, it is always crowded both during the school holidays, or regular days by not only limited to  locals but also foreign tourists.The park name was taken from a holy river in India, the Narmanadi river.

Narmada Park occupies an area of around 2 ha and made as a miniature of Mount Rinjani  and its crater Segara Anak lake on order of the King of Mataram Lombok,Anak Agung Ngurah Ngurah Karangasem as a praying as well as resting place of the royal family during dry season.It is said that when the king was too old to perform the ritual sacrifice (Pekelem) to the summit of Mount Rinjani which has an altitude of 3…

Ondel Ondel, The Icon of Jakarta.

In Jakarta, Ondel Ondel is a popular art performance of original ethnic of Jakarta, Betawi. Ondel Ondel is characterized a display of  paired giant dolls -male and female- made of woven bamboos with a height of 2.5 meters and a diameter of 80 cm and accompanied by musics. The doll is colorfully painted with the male face in red while the female in white or yellow.
Like humans, Ondel Ondel also has sex. Not difficult to distinguish male and female Ondel Ondel. Normally, the face of male Ondel Ondel will be painted in red. Not only that, his eyes are made bulging, coupled with a mustache and arrogant smirk.The face is made with the intention of causing an impression of spirit and courage. There are also regard it as a symbol of the forces of evil and frightening.
While face-Ondel Ondel women will be painted with white color. Ondel-Ondel women also had large eyes, but do not stare. His mouth was smiling sweetly with makeup lipstick. It was considered a symbol of good strength and purity.

Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Gedung Pancasila.


Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Cafe Batavia.

Want to relax in an ambiance of old times in Batavia, now Jakarta, then Cafe Batavia is the right place. Cafe Batavia is a 1830s restaurant with architectural style of Indies Empire style. It is located in Kota Tua or Old Town of Jakarta, Indonesia at Jalan Pintu Besar Utara facing Taman Fatahillah. Administratively, Kota Tua lies in North Jakarta.  
The restaurant is among the many colonial landmarks in Batavia during the Dutch era.It stands in a historic building where when it was founded in 1850 this building was used as a VOC administration office.The building  is the second oldest building in the square, second only to the former City Hall building of Batavia  now known as the Jakarta History Museum. 
In 1990 the building was purchased by Paul Hassan, a French national for use as an art gallery. Subsequently in 1991 the building was purchased by Graham James, an Australian national for use as a cafe and began operating for the public in 1993.
You can indulge your taste in Cafe B…

Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Istana Merdeka.


Historical Buildings & Sites in Jakarta : Monumen Nasional (Tugu Monas).

National Monument or the popularly abbreviated as Tugu Monas is a memorial standing at 132 meters (433 feet) built in the memory of the resistance and the struggle of the Indonesian people's for independence from the Dutch colonization.This monumentis crowned  with gold sheetf-coated flame which symbolizes the spirit of the struggle for independence.
Following the recognition of the sovereignty of Indonesia by the Dutch government in 1949, or after the central government of Indonesia returned to Jakarta from Yogyakarta in 1950, President Sukarno began thinking about building a national monument that is equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in the square in front of the Presidential Palace.
On August 17, 1954, Bung Karno also formed a national committee. A year later, the national monument design competition was announced.This development was no other than to commemorate and preserve the Indonesian struggle for independence during the revolution of 1945. It is expected to continue to genera…

Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Ereveld.

Ereveld Ancol is a Dutch cemetery for military and civilian residents of the Netherlands and a few pe Indonesians who have died in the Second World War, especially during an attack by the Japanese and the Dutch East Indies during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, either in battle or from execution the Japanese. 

Ereveld Ancol is one of two ereveld ("field of honor" in Dutch) is located in Jakarta with Ereveld Menteng Pulo in Menteng Dalam, Tebet, South Jakarta. More than 2000 Dutch soldiers buried there.Ereveld was officially open on 14 September 1946 and is managed by the Stichting Nederlandse Oorlogsgraven ("the Dutch Foundation for the War Cemetery").
It is in the village of Ancol, pademangan.It is easy to get into Ereveld as it is now become part of the dream park, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. So, when you visit Ancol; once you enter the park through the main gate, you find a roundabout then turn to the right and go straight along the beach..On the left, ther…

Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Gedung Departemen Keuangan.

Having  successful defending the province of Friesland danGroningen of the Prussian attack., on January 28, 1807 at the suggestion of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Daendles was sent to the Dutch East Indies as the 36th Governor-General. Daendels was assigned mainly to protect the island of Java from the attack of British troops. Java is the only Dutch-French colonies that have not fallen into British hands after the Isle de France and Mauritius on tahun1807.
Having landed on Java and Found the old city of Batavia  an unhealthy place to live and then in 1808, Governor-General Herman Willem Daendles ordered to move the center of government to Weltervreden. Daendels decided on March 7, 1809 to build a new palace for governor generals at Weltevreden, now in Central Jakarta.

At the beginning of his reign in 1809, Daendels already started to build a large and magnificent palace in Lapangan Banteng and is now used as Gedung Departemen Keuangan (the Ministry of Finance). Daendels meant th…

Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Gedung Mahkamah Agung.

Gedung Mahkamah Agung is a building of Hoogerechtshof (Supreme Court) built as ordered by Herman Williem Daendels (1762-1818), the 36-Governor General in the Dutch Indies.The building lied to the north of Gedung Departemen Keuangan ( The Ex - Palace of Governor General) and now belongs to the Ministry of Finance.

This buildingis partof Palace of Governor General and the constructionwas completed in1928at the time ofDuBus.Insidethis building therewas aloji, agatheringplaceof theTheosofiDeSterin hetOostenor EasternStar.

At the time ofthe VOCandthe Netherlands,peoplewhoare inBataviaaroundLapangan Bantengreferred tothis buildingas ahall wherethe secret meeting,other than thatthis buildinghas also beenused asa space whereabuses of prisonersthe Dutch government took place.In the span ofDecember 12, 1947-May 1, 1948,the Dutch governmentmake this buildingasHooggerechtshof(Supreme Court).Insidethis building there isa detention roomand the roomfor receivingguests.

The building lied to the north…