Valentino Rossi, Impressed by Labuhan Bajo.

Labuhan Bajo, a fishermen town in East Nusa Tenggara, Eastern Indonesia.
"The Doctor", Valentino Rossi took  his time for a vacation ahead of the test in Sepang, Malaysia, on January 31 until February 1, 2017. This time he visited a prime destination of tourism in Eastern Indonesia, Labuhan Bajo. Labuhan Bajo is a tourism destination in East Nusa Tenggara Province with an exotic attraction of Komodo National Park, a habitat of Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizzard.  

After his visit to Labuhan Bajo, he uploaded his photos in Twitter and Instagram. He commented on Italian language: "Un grande grazie al"gruppo vacanze Labuan Bajo. Amazing experience", or Thanks a lot to all vacation tim Labuhan Bajo, Amazing Experience. Then " “Un saluto dal dragone di Komodo @Komodo national park Labuan Bajo,” wrote on @ValeYellow46.His comment received 166,853 likes and 3,725 comments.

 The goverment of Indonesia appreciated the visit by Valentinno Rossi. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture quoted as said "Terima kasih Valentino Rossi. Labuan Bajo makin mendunia!" or thank you Valentino Rossi. Labuhan Bajo getting global. 

As a world-class athlete, Rossi had listed himself as an Italian athlete most widely followed on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter. On Facebook, for example, Rossi has more than 13 million followers. On the social networking site Twitter, Rossi also ranks first with 4.7 million followers who follow his every tweet. While social media Instagram, Rossi was third with 3.7 million fans.

The nature of Labuan Bajo, with beautiful sea panorama and Komodo dragon instantly go viral throughout the world in a short time. The impact is believed to be very powerful. Thanked to Valentino Rossi who has endorsed his fans by introducing Labuan Bajo and Komodo on Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully, Tourism industry in Eartern Indonesia will be booming in the near future.

Source:  cited from a number of sources.


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