Enjoy Ambarawa Railway Mountain Tour with Old Trains.

Ambarawa Railway Museum
Have you ever visited the Railway Museum in Ambarawa, Semarang Regency,Central Java? If you haven't, please do visit this unique attraction. You will be amazed at the antique collection of old trains made and operated during the Dutch colonization. All of the collections are still preserved until today. For more Visit http://era-wisata.blogspot.co.id/2014/09/collection-of-old-locomotive-at-railway.html
Ambarawa Railway Museum
Besides running a museum, the management also caters to tourists who love the thrill of riding old trains. This special tourism service is called Railway Mountain Tour. The train service takes tourists to ride a jagged steam train with wood fuel from from Ambarawa to Bedono, back and forth, with the distance of 35 km, around two hour riding along which visitors will enjoy the beauty of panoramic view passing through Mount Ungaran, Mount Merbabu, and a lake called Rawa Pening.

In the past, the Dutch colonial period, this train is used Indies - Dutch for transporting troops to Semarang, Central Java. Army troops that were then providing a scratch of history in Ambarawa. After the independence of Indonesia, the train was initially only  a pile of scrap metal. Thank to the role of local government, and some communities of train lovers this train finally be back in operation. But its function is no longer carrying troops, but transporting tourists who want to do the historical track between Ambarawa until Bedono, or those who simply want to see the stout old carriages that are still able to go through the path uphill or downhill.

The Steam train is one of the three steam trains in the world still active, other than in Switzerland and India. During this time, PT KAI operates trains of this type through a rental system at a cost of Rp 3.250.000, - per cart for one round trip. For information, in one trip this train can transport nearly 80 people and these are not too far only about 9 km. But because of the steep climb with a slope of 30 degrees, then a one-way commute takes nearly one hour.


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