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Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Ancol.

Ancol is a familiar name to the inhabitants of Jakarta. It is associated to an well known recreation spot, Taman Impian Ancol or the Dream Park of Ancol, in the North Jakarta. The coastal tourist area has a variety of entertainment facilities which has also been known for a long time may even before the Dutch colonial period.As a tourist area, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol was already standing since the 17th century.At that time, the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, Adriaan Valckenier, had a very beautiful house by the beach. Over time, the area was later developed into a tourist spot.
In this beach location on  the tip of the mouth of Ancol Vaart (now Ancol river), the Dutch colonial governmenthad built a fort to protect Batavia enemy attack from the sea. In addition to the remains of the fort, Ancol beach also has an historic old building anothertemple called An Xu Da Bo Gong Miao (now Temple Toapekong Ancol/Vihara Ancol; It is in thearea of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol).This pagoda …

Exploring Temples in Yogyakarta : Candi Mendut.

Mendut Temple is a Buddhism Temple and located in MendutVillage, District Mungkid, Magelang regency, Central Java, about 38 km to the northwest of Yogyakarta. The location is only about 3 km from the temple of Borobudhur, which presumably have close links with Pawon and Mendut.Viewed from their positions,  Pawon Temple, Borobudur Temple and Mendut Temple lies on a straight line.
According to Kayumwungu Inscription and Karang Tengah Inscription, Mendut Temple was built by Pramodyawardhani. In addition to the worship of the gods, Mendut temple was built to honor the ancestral dynastyof Syailendra. As a Buddhism Temple, Mendut Temple has reliefs which bore the stories of moral values as reflected by animal stories brought by Pancatantra from India.
In the quite spaciuos rooms, there are three Mendut Buddha statues. Right before the doors there are Buddha Sakyamuni, the Buddha was preaching. Buddha is depicted in a sitting position with hands dharmacakramudra attitude, the attitude is me…

Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta: Menara Syahbandar.

Syahbandar Menara Jakarta was built around 1839 and previously called Uitkijk or Uitkijk Post, once the watchtower for vessels entering and leaving Batavia and as a tax collector's office for goods unloaded at the port of Sunda Kelapa. Its function as a control tower terminated after 1886, when the port of Tanjung Priok was opened.
The tower  actually occupies the former bastion (camp) Culemborg. The bastion was made of rock in 1645, the fortifications, part of the wall around the city of Batavia to care for the mouth of the Ciliwung River, Warehouse pepper, and Shipyard.
The building of Syahbandar Tower has a dimension of 4 x 8 meters high and 12 meters.Jakarta Syahbandar tower has three rooms, namely on the ground floor, in the central part measuring 6 × 7 meters, and the top which serves as a viewing room with four windows. On the lower ground floor, there is a room that used to serve as a place to imprison the crew who violate port regulations. 
Syahbandar Tower in Jakarta there …

Tourist Destination in Papua : Youtefa Bay.

Have you ever visited Jayapura? If haven't, you will be fascinated by the natural beauty of this port city. This city is right on a bay in the night decorated with lights of houses spread throughout the hillside. And also imagined you were on the sea voyage to Jayapura through the bay, you would be amazed by the magical view.

Isn't it  awesome there are plenty of touristy places in the city, ranging from the beach, the lake, as well as a stunning view from a height. Youtefa bay is no exception. Youtefa bay is a bay with very beautiful panorama. You will find in Youtefa bay three villages namely Enggros, Tobati, dan Nafri where its local culture and tradition remains intact. Here, you can learn how local people practice their tradition like installing a new village head, building traditional houses, called Rumah Panggung made of woods.
This bay has special meanings in the World War II,  both to Japanese soldiers as well Allied and US Forces because its strategic location. On Ap…

Valentino Rossi, Impressed by Labuhan Bajo.

"The Doctor", Valentino Rossi took  his time for a vacation ahead of the test in Sepang, Malaysia, on January 31 until February 1, 2017. This time he visited a prime destination of tourism in Eastern Indonesia, Labuhan Bajo. Labuhan Bajo is a tourism destination in East Nusa Tenggara Province with an exotic attraction of Komodo National Park, a habitat of Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizzard.  
After his visit to Labuhan Bajo, he uploaded his photos in Twitter and Instagram. He commented on Italian language: "Un grande grazie al"gruppo vacanze Labuan Bajo. Amazing experience", or Thanks a lot to all vacation tim Labuhan Bajo, Amazing Experience. Then " “Un saluto dal dragone di Komodo @Komodo national park Labuan Bajo,” wrote on @ValeYellow46.His comment received 166,853 likes and 3,725 comments.
 The goverment of Indonesia appreciated the visit by Valentinno Rossi. The Ministry of Tourism and Culture quoted as said "Terima kasih Valentino R…

Water Sport Activities in Bali : Take An Introduction Course Into Scuba Diving in Tanjung Benoa

As a prime destination of tourism in Indonesia, Bali also offers excellent facilities of water sport activities including training of scuba diving for beginners. For lovers of the underwater natural beauty, the island is a major destination for diving.

There are some famous dive sites in Bali, with the beauty of the underwater scenery, among others: Sanur.Menjangan Island, West Bali.Amed Karangasem.Tulamben, Karangasem.Labuhan Amuk. (Tourism Submarine, Odyssey Submarine)Padang Bai.Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua.Tanjung Benoa Beach is the most visited by tourists, both domestic and international, for watersport activities. It's because the location of Tanjung Benoa beach is very close from Ngurah Rai airport, and is in the center of tourism zone in Southern Bali.
Beginner divers will always choose the Tanjung Benoa beach for diving locations in Bali. Due to the location of the dive in Tanjung Benoa can be dived in all seasons of the year, and has a calm sea conditions, and is suitabl…

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Visit Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Lombok.

When visiting Komodo National Park, Pink Beach is considered a "must" natural attractions on Komodo Island to stop by.It is called  Pink Beach because it's pink sands on the beach. However, local people prefer to call it Red Beach, and while the foreign tourists prefer to call it Pink Beach. The sand is pink and very soft it will appear more clearly when the sand is swept away by the waves.

The attractions of this area is not only the pretty beach, but underwater life also offers a stunning beauty and natural wealth to dive. In thePink Beachitself, there area lot of marine life that includes 1500 species of fish, 250species of coral,andapproximately 75 species sponges. Therefore, snorkelingordivingis an activitythat should not be bypassed by tourists while visiting this beautiful beach.

How to get to the Pink Beach? The first destination you should go is Labuan Bajo. And to get to Labuan Bajo itself, you can reach it through three channels, namely the sea, land and ai…

Indonesian foods are now only clicks away!

Indonesia' s wealth of culinary is as diverse as its culture. Each area in Indonesia has a unique culinary respectively, so that you can imagine how many Indonesian culinary variety.Where ever you go in the archipelago, you will find that Indonesian foods have many variation, despite its common necessary ingredients. For example, Soto. Soto is found in many areas of Indonesia, at least  10 (ten). For more on Indonesian traditional foods visit
So, when in Indonesia, your understanding of local culture is not complete without trying its culinary wealth. If you happen to have a lot of questions which are often hard to answer like what to eat and where to go or which restaurants or Cafes offering the food you want to eat, such questions even when asked to your Indonesian fellows with probably limited reference, the answers do not always satisfying your curiosities.Particularly, when your expectations ar…

Explore Tourism Destinations in Banyuwangi Regency

Pantai Pulau Merah Pulau merah, or Red island beach is one of the natural beauty in  Banyuwangi Regency located in the village Sumberagung, District Pesanggaran. What makes the difference of this beach is the presence of an island located on the shoreline. The existence of this island makes this beach more exotic and becomes the origin of the name of Red Island.

A great addition to the landscape, the waves are pretty big rolls also become another attraction, not be surprised if a lot of beginner or intermediate surfer surfing at this beach.Because of that, the beach is used as a place to hold an annual event International surfing competition participated by 20 surfers from various countries.One more not less steal the eye that is a pity to miss, namely scenery at sunset or sunset. bluish color orange with a very beautiful setting between the hills will spoil our eyes.
G-Land Pantai Plengkung or better known as the G-Land is a favorite destination of tourists from various countries, e…