Visit Old Jakarta : Gedung Arsip Nasional

As we know that the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) has lots of important archives of this country. Initially, the building ANRI located in Jl. Gajah Mada, Kota Tua or Old City, West Jakarta. In 1992 the building was moved to Jl ANRI. Ampera, Cilandak, South Jakarta.
The award of Excellence Plaque.

The Interior of the Museum.
The old building ANRI was saved from being a complete overhaul. Thanks to the Yayasan Hadiah Indonesia which is managed by a group of Dutch businessmen, the building was successfully renovated and used as a Museum of National Archives on the time of the golden anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.

Collection of the Museum.
Now, the museum is no longer store the national archives, but still has a good collection letters from various kingdoms in Indonesia; photograph mosques and churches from various provinces in Indonesia; replica sailing ship; Officers sword; Dutch period furniture; and a unique map that is framed very nicely. 
The Collection of Old Mosques.

The Photograph Collection of Church and Chines Temple.

Old Letters from Sultans of Indonesia.
In this museum there are also cannons and bells slavery placed in the courtyard garden behind the museum. The existence of the garden behind the museum attracts many prewedding parties to organize photos and wedding receptions.
Cannon and Bells.

General facilities available are a parking lot, information center, toilets, prayer room, cafe (cafeteria), and a souvenir shop. Unfortunately, the museum is not yet equipped with the presence of CCTV cameras. For visitors who want to perpetuate the museum's collection and museum park hired for a particular event, it must get a license deal with all requests to the Office of Marketing National Archives Museum is located to the left of the museum.

A Wedding Event in the Museum at the backyard.


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