Visit and Enjoy Natural Wonders in Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.

Belitung is an island in Bangka Belitung Province which recently has become a popular destination of tourism in Indonesia. Belitung is naturally endowed with beaches characterized by white sands and clear water dotted with big and small granite stones. The natural beauty of  of Belitung Island is alluring tourists to visit the island, also known as Negeri Laskar Pelangi, literally means the country of Rainbow Troopers. The name is taken from a popularity novel called Laskar Pelangi by a Belitung born writer, Andre Hirata. It makes Belitung Island increasingly more appealing to tourists at home and abroad to visit. 

You can reach beautiful beaches and remote islands in Belitung by air and land transportation. By air transportation, Belitung is accessible mainly from Jakarta by any air planes of most well known aero plane companies with a travel time of around 50 minutes. From Sumatera Island, Malaysia and Singapore, Belitung Island is accessible from Batam City as  the hub. By land transportation, You can hire rental cars, by rule of thumbs in Indonesia, in the air port of any cities visited, and also in the hotel you stay by asking hotel staffs to find you rental cars, to guarantee more of your safety. Here are tourist destinations in Belitung Islands :

Pantai Tanjung Tinggi
Pantai Tanjung Tinggi is one of tourist spots on the island of Belitung. It is located not far from Pantai Tanjung Kelayang and is approximately 31 km from the town of Tanjung Pandan. This beach has an area of 80 hectares, white sand, and there are hundreds of large granite boulders scattered in both the peninsula and also in the sea on the beach front.  

Pantai Tanjung Kelayang
Pantai Tanjung Kelayang  is located in KecamatanSijuk, around 27 km from Tanjungpandan,  or 20 minutes by motor vehicle. Tanjung Kelayang Kelayang has a a beach with approximately 1.5 km long and  approximately 7 m wide. This beach has an area of about 60 hectares. In addition to enjoying the beauty of stunning beaches, you can also go kayaking and snorkeling at this beach.Pantai Tanjung Kelayang is famous for its white sand gently sloping beach stretches so beautifully. On this beach, you can see small islands with decorative granite.

Pulau  Lengkuas
Pulau  Lengkuas atau Lengkuas Island is accessible from Pantai Tanjung Kelayang using rented fishing boats  with a travel time of about 30 minutes. Once you set foot in this island, you will notice here that the seascape is full of beautiful array of granite stones scattered surrounding the Island. In addition, you can enjoy a stunning beauty of this island by climbing Menara Mercusuar, or a sea traffic light tower of around 12 meter above sea level. From the top you have a panoramic view of 360 degrees over the island. 

The Sea view of Lengkuas Island with  Tanjung Kelayang at the background.
No wonder that the alumni of  Bandung Institute of technology (ITB, Bandung) has initiated to nominate Belitung to have the status of World site of Geopark by conducting Belitong Geopark Festival held between December 9 to 11, 2016 in cooperation with local administration and a number of state owned companies. Indeed, Lengkuas Island is the most best site of attraction of all in Belitung. So, just come and enjoy the natural beauty of Belitung Island. Visit  for more.


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