Liveaboard Leisure Trip in Indonesia.

Marina in Nongsa Beach,Batam Island.
Indonesia is known as the largest archipelago country in the World. In fact, Indonesia is a make up of over 17,000 islands, big and small, stretching around 5000 km from Sabang Island in the northernmost of Sumatra Island on the west to Merauke in West Papua on the east. Superimposing, Indonesian territory over Europe, you will find that it stretches from Ireland to Iran; and from California to Bermuda over the United States of America. No wander that Indonesia is also called as a necklace of equatorial emeralds.  
Leisure Trips with Liveaboard in Padar Island, Komodo National Park.
To marine enthusiasts, the best way of enjoying the nature of Indonesia is leisurely traveling among the scattered islands by boats, yachts, or cruise ships specially designed to live aboard. Imagined, while living in a 'floating hotel' equipped with bedrooms and toilets as well as meals three times a day, you would be cruising to  enjoy a beautiful seascape surrounding the Komodo National Park,then stopped in many diving and snorkeling spots like those in Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua or Anambas Island in Riau Islands, then back to the 'hotel' before another stops another outdoor activities like strolling along white sandy beach in Gili Trawangan West Nuta Tenggara with sunset and sunrise in the same island.

All experiences of exploring the natural wonder would be yours, especially when on liveaboard leisure trip. In Indonesia, currently, liveaboard leisure trip has gained popularity among foreign tourists including domestic visitors. The are quite many tour operators in Indonesia offering marine lovers with such an interest .You could travel as long as you like on the liveaboard style to tourist destinations from the closest like Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands) in Jakarta, Anambas Islands in Riau Islands Province, Karimunjawa National In Central Java, Komodo National Park, Wakatobi, or Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua Province Park as the farthest destination. Surely, it is all worth  a value for money trip that you will never forget.


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