Visit Batam City: Come and Enjoy the Tranquility of Nongsa Beaches.

Marina in Nongsa Point Marina & Resort Batam, northeast of Batam Island.
Batam City is known as an industrial city, but it has a number of interesting spots to enjoy including Nongsa. Nongsa is a district in the city of Batam, Riau Islands, Indonesia. This district is famous for its beaches. Some famous tourist beaches include Nongsa Beach, Coastal Maimun, Pantai Tanjung Bemban and Sekilak Beach. 

Nongsa Beach is located in the northeast part of Batam Island, precisely in the District Nongsa, Batam, Riau Islands Province. The name of this beach is the same as the name of his district. While Nongsa name itself is taken from the Malay name of a character who first developed this coastal region. 

Formerly this area is only vacant land covered by scrub, but thanks to the cold hands of the Malay leaders of this region has now turned into a tourist area with huge potential and managed to make investors build various resorts in the vicinity.Nongsa Beach, better known by the name of Nongsa Tua by people around the gorgeous beaches with calm waves and white sand. Interestingly, Nongsa Beach is very close to the southern coast of Singapore, even so close it only takes half an hour to use a motor boat to go to the south coast of Singapore.  
Ferry Terminal to Singapore from Nongsa.
Due to its proximity, at night when it is in the Nongsa Beach, you can enjoy the views of Singapore very beautifully decorated with lights. Not only that, this beach overlooking the northwest so it is perfect for enjoying the sunset. Nongsa Beach also has underwater scenery, which is not less beautiful. You can try snorkeling to enjoy it. In the vicinity of the beach there is also a traditional Malay village that can be visited.

Nongsa sub-district also has a number of resorts and golf courses of international standards with the goal of domestic and international travelers. there are at five hotel and resorts you can find in Nongsa : Montigo Resort, Turi Beach Resort, Nong Point Marina & Resort,Batam View Beach Resort, and Nongsa Village. You can also play golf in Palm Spring Golf & Resort, a golf courses wit international standards.


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