Jakarta, Once Upon A Time in the Old Days.

Old Map of Batavia, Old City or Kota Tua Jakarta Today.
Jakarta as the capital of the country has a very interesting historical relics to visit. History of Jakarta is long, as one of the major port city in the archipelago, Jakarta has become one of the main entrance even since prehistoric times, has also been used as a major port by the Dutch in the colonial period before it became the capital of the Republic of Indonesia at the time of independence.

Batavia is a former name of Jakarta where sit the capital city of the Dutch East Indies. As the center of the colonization in the East Indies during the period of 1610 to 1949, Batavia had witnessed the progression of area occupied extending inland ward from Northern Jakarta toward Central Jakarta.

From  a wooden warehouse and small settlement in the east bank of the mouth of the Ciliwung river in 1610, currently in North Jakarta, following a treaty signed by the Prince of Jayakarta and the VOC (the Dutch East Indies Company) representatives, the City of Batavia began developing along the banks of the Ciliwung river - the east and the west bank.
The Ex-Palace of Governor General Daendles, across Lapangan Banteng to the east.
Toward the end of the 1700s, the old city of Batavia became an unhealthy place to live and then in 1808, Governor-General Herman Willem Daendles moved the center of government to Weltervreden.Daendels decided on March 7, 1809 to build a new palace for governor generals at Weltevreden, now in Central jakarta. The site would also be used for the construction of a new city center of Batavia to replace the walled city, now deteriorated, overcrowded and suffering from bad sanitation. 

The progression of Batavia as the capital city across centuries had left many historical buildings and sites in Jakarta today as the legacy of  western colonization in Indonesia. The buildings and sites worth of visiting (get more information by clicking the red texts), which are now administratively located in North Jakarta and Central Jakarta, as follows:
 North Jakarta
Central Jakarta  

Source: The Jakarta Explorer, Cultural Tours In and Around the City by Indonesia Heritage Society


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  2. thanks a lot for suggestions, I will put it in the future.


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