Historical Buildings and Sites in Jakarta : Lapangan Banteng.

Lapangan Banteng, or Banteng Square, is a site with high historical values in Central Jakarta. It was formerly named Waterlooplein, in Weltevreden, Batavia.At that time, the Banteng Square was known as the Lion Square, because in the middle of it stood a battle victory memorial in Waterloo, with a lion on it.

As it is known that the battle of Waterloo occurred on June 18, 1815 near the town of Waterloo, about 15 km after the capital of Belgium, Brussels. As Napoleon's final battle againts an allay of the British-Dutch-German.The battle was also recorded in history as the ending of a hundred days since the flight of Napoleon from the island of Elba.Meanwhile, the Lion Monument was established in the era of Japanese occupation (1942-1945). After Indonesia's independence, it was renamed as Lapangan Banteng.


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