The West Coast of South Sumatra in Lampung Province, "A Paradise For Surfers and Bodyboarders"

The Sea View of The Southernmost of Sumatra Island.

Geographically, the province of Lampung is surrounded by sea waters. Adjacent to the south, Lampung is separated from Java by the Sunda Strait, in ​​the east coast by the Java Sea and the west coast by the Indonesia Ocean.This geographical setting makes Lampung Province rich in beaches measuring as long as 1167 km and dotted with as many as 169 big and small islands which have the potential as  maritime and beach tourism destinations including Sumatra coastline along the west coast of Pesisir Barat regency with Krui as the capital city.

Hidden behind the strip of highland range called Bukit Barisan, parallel along Sumatra coastline, there lie at least 17  beaches and marine tourist points spread in 11 Kecamatan, or districts, in Pesisir Barat regency covering around 210 km long of the coastline. The districts include: Kecamatan Bengkunat Belimbing, Kecamatan Bengkunat, Kecamatan Ngambur,Kecamatan Pesisir Selatan, Kecamatan Krui Selatan, Kecamatan Pesisir Tengah, Kecamatan Way Krui, Kecamatan Karya Penggawa, Kecamatan Pesisir Utara,Lemong, and Kecamatan Pulau Pisang.

Tanjung Setia in Kecamatan Pesisi Selatan is the most favorite site of surfing and bodyboarding among foriegn tourists visiting Pesisir Barat regency. Perfect waves are characteristic of Tanjung Setia Beach as shown by the height that reaches 6 to 7 meters. This makes the beach a destination of surfing from around the world, high waves on the shore is usually held in June until August. The waves there are not only high but also has a length approximately 200 meters.

Located around 273 km or 5 hour drive from the provincial capital of Bandar Lampung, in the village of Tanjung Setia, West Lampung, Tanjung Setia Beach is hit by consistent swell from the Indian Ocean. Although not so well known as those in Bali and Lombok or Nias Islands, according survey among visiting surfers from all over the world the waves at Tanjung Setia Beach is touted as one of the best waves in the world. The waves parallel to the one in Hawaii. Locations of diving here rated legendary among dive enthusiasts.

Visiting the Lampung west coast in the vicinity of Tanjung Setia offers you at least 12 quality surf breaks. You can surf in the following surf breaks : Honey Smacks, Jenny's point, Jimmy's Left, Jimmy's Right, Krui Left, Krui Right, Leftovers, Mandiri Beachbreak, Pulau Pisang (Banana Island), The Peak, Ujung Bocur - Karang Nyimbur, Way Jambu (Sumtra Pipeline), and surfbreaks yet unnamed and unspoiled. For more visit

There is a number of reasons why should try surfing in the South Sumatra coast. First, all surf spots are easily accessible from the main road heading south north along Sumatra coastline, from  around 100 m to 500 m. Second, The average crowd on the main surf breaks is 10 to 30 during peak season (May - early October) and 5 to 25 during the off season (November - April), the weather from November to April can be severe with the wind howling in from the Indian Ocean during the period the locals call the Windy Season.Third, the incredibly friendly locals always happy to give directions,particularly, when venture out to explore the unnamed yet unspoiled surf breaks. The last but not least, there are other attractions you can do here like visiting the UNESCO’s World Heritage Listed Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP) as it offers guided day tours if your surfed out or would just like to explore the Sumatran jungle.


Note: this page owes a lot of thanks to Mr. Milosav for quoting some materials in the reference.


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