Visit "The Old City of Jakarta" : Kota Intan Drawbridge.

Kota Intan Bridge was built in 1628 by VOC ; thereafter several name changes. The name of Engelse Brug  was given as the bridge connected the Dutch Fort and England Fort, located at Kali Besar (Great River). The bridge the was broken as a result of Banten and Mataram attacked Batavia Castle 1628 and 1629. It was rebuilt in 1630 by the Dutch and known as De Hoender Pasabrug (Chicken Market Bridge) because it was close to chicken market.

Kota Intan was the last name. It is assumed the name relates to its location which was close to one of Batavia Castle bastion Named Bastion Diamant (Intan-Diamant-Diamond). In 1938, the bridge was reconstructed to a drawbridge so the boats can pass and to prevent flooding which often happened. The shape and style was not changed but the name changed to Opshalbrug Juliana or Juliana Benhard. This drawbridge was only kind of remainder of that kind that the Dutch had ever built.


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