Tourist Destinations in Bali


Bunut Bolong
Bunut Bolong is located in a mountainous area, part of the Manggisari village, District Pekutatan, Jembrana. Bunut Bolong is approximately 86 km from Denpasar and can be reached by four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles.
Bunut Bolong is a bunut three that grows just above the asphalt road. Uniquely, the bunut three has a big hole as wide as the width of the asphalt road such that large buses can pass underneath. Bunut Bolong, aside as a natural vegetation, also has a magical value according to the beliefs of the surrounding community. In the front of  Bunut Bolong, there is a holy place, a temple called Pujangga Sakti..In addition to the uniqueness of Bunut Bolong, in the western side there is also a stretch of forest that span from south to north dan a plantation with beautiful panorama to be enjoyed.

Medewi Beach
The beach scenery is so beautiful, especially when the sun sets in Pantai Medewi or Medewi beach. Pantai Medewi is located about 100 m from the highway of Denpasar to Gilimanuk (Medewi Village area), District Pekutatan, Jembrana. The trip to Medewi Beach will feature the view of rice field lining the shore. Here hotels, restaurants, parking lots are available, as well as a bathroom, including a swimming pool.

Pura Perancak (Perancak Temple) The location of Perancak Temple is approximately I0 km Southwestern Tegalcangkring village, in the District of  Negara ,Jembrana Regency. Starting from Denpasar City,  follow a highway of around 96 km away from Denpasar to Gilimanuk Kota.

The Temple faces westward with a panoramic view of Purancak river. The river water is very calm like a pond and across river trees lining the shore. Approximately, 250 meters to the south of  Perancak Temple unfolds in the distance the sea and eastern part of Java island chain. While in the right hands of estuary,  traditional houses are visible jutting into the sea along the rows of palm trees.

Pura Rambutsiwi (Rambutsiwi Temple)
Rambutsiwi temple is surrounded by paddy fields and terraces. The Southern side,  there are cliffs and steep rocks. On the Southwest, there is a building to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea. Not far from the hall, in the south there is a way to get down to the beach.On the cliff (on the beach) there are two caves which are considered holy and sacred. The atmosphere in the place is quiet.
Rambutsiwi is part of Yehembang Kangin Village area, Mendoyo District, Jembrana regency. In the north of Pura, stretch a  highway from Denpasar-Gilimanuk. Herein (penyawangan Pura Rambutsiwi) usually Hindus across the travel path pause to beg salvation to God Almighty. On the east and west of the temple, there is a temporary resting place. There are also exhibits of paintings and souvenir items on display everyday. Tourists  crowded on holiday or feast.

Taman Nasional Bali Barat (West Bali National Park)
West Bali National Park has an area of 77162.5 hectares with status of wildlife approximately 2,250 ha. West Bali Nasional Park is an area of ​​nature protection and conservation. Wildlife found in this region is Jalak Putih Bali (Leuoeopsar rhotsehildi) and Bull (B05 javanicus). The type of plant that grows in the region is Sawo Kecik sapodilla (Manilkara kooki) and Lontar (Borrossus Flelli fier).

Some areas in forest areas is limited recreational areas, including Teluk Terima, Sumberrejo and Relay Station Micro Wave in Klatakan. Teluk Terima has the attraction of bay, monsoon forest, Jayaprana tomb, and animals (monkeys).In Sumberrejo, there lie season forest, rainforest, beautiful panorama of a gulf (from a height of 40 meters above sea level), panoramic view of the sea, and urban view of  Banyuwangi and Gilimanuk). From Sumberejo, through the patrol road of 4 km, there is a lookout to see wild animals dan artificial savannas.Micro Wave Relay Station Klatakan, there is a recreational object in the form of monsoon forest, mountain rain forest, beautiful panorama of Indonesian Ocean (from the height of approximately 400 meters abobe sea level), and settlement.


Hot Spring Water Banyuwedang  
Hot spring water Banyuwedang is located in Pejarakan village, Kecamatan Gerokgak, approxumately 60 km from the city of Singaraja, on the edge of the West Bali National Park. To the south of the highway, including the National Park, while in the north is the area of Batu Ampar (calcareous soil). Batu Ampar is planned as a new tourist area, around Pulau Menjangan Marine Park.

Hot water in Banyuwedang comes from the hot springs that emerge on the beach. This hot water is under water at high tide. This place is the largest hot spring containing sulfur with an average temperature of 40 degree Celsius.The beaches in this area are overgrown with mangroves. The existence of gulf and surrounding white sand adds to the beauty of the beach.

Hot springs is constructed in a building with some rooms with enclosed shower. In the area of ​​hot water in Banyuwedang there are some toilet facilities built by the West Bali National Park, and some shelters.The source of hot spring water is located in the middle of the mangrove forests along the coast. The surrounding area is relatively barren because the soil consists of limestone soils.

Air Terjun Singsing (Singsing Waterfall)
Singsing waterfall is situated in Labuhan Haji Village Temukus Banjar Banjar District, three km from Lovina and 13 km from Singaraja. To achieve this attraction can be reached on foot (approximately less than 600 meters) to the first waterfalls. The second,the water is higher and must pass through the steep road.Located not far from Lovina area, it can be even reached by walk from Lovina. In the summer time, volumeair plunge relative decline. The road to the waterfall is  rather steep and a fun activity.

Not far from the waterfall Singsing, there is a monument built by the Dutch colonial to commemorate the die of a Dutch officer in the war 1868. Around 1956, the monument was destroyed because of disrespecting the  invaders. In 1992, it was rebuilt by Buleleng administration as a symbol of heroic fight by Banjar people capable of killing Dutch army officer.

Brahmavihara-Arama, better known by the name of Banjar Buddhist Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Bali. Located in the hills in the village of Tegeha Banjar, Banjar District, 22km to the west of Singaraja and 11 km from the tourist area Lovina.

Broadly speaking, this temple complex consists of 5 essential buildings, namely: Uposatha Gara, located at the top of the west ; a comfortable and quiet room. In the wall-panel, the wall is carved with the birthplace of the Buddha, and in the middle is the statue of Buddha. Dharamsala, a sort of lecture room  located in the east. In this place the bhiku hasve spiritual activity. Stupa, a building whose shape resemble a giant bell located in the Northwest corner, which all sides made of concrete with the relief  of Bodi tree, in the building there is big tree called the tree of the body (around a tree decorated with reliefs). Kuti, a residence of the bhiku and students who are demanding science. Sometimes,this place is used as a training ground of bhiku.

In the vihara complexe, there are several statues of Buddha in every corner of the garden and the room. There are two Budha statures, namely Parinirwana statues and statue of Buddha as a Budha is reaching  sama or moksha in terms of Hinduism.

Danau Buyan and Danau Tamblingan (Buyan and Tamblingan Lake) 
Danau Buyan and Danau Tamblingan is located in Kecamatan Sukasada, 21 km South of Singaraja, located near by the road between Denpasar and Singaraja. It lies about 1000 m above sea level. The Lake of Buyan and Tamblingan is located in a very strategic area, which is flanked by three famous sights, is Bedugul with Pura ulun Danu, Gitgit Waterfall, and Lovina Beach. As the background is Lesong mountain with an altitude of 1860 m.

Tamblingan lake can be reached through the junction towards Munduk village, Gobleg village, and in the direction of Lovina. From Munduk can be reached lake through the road made by the villagers. Cars can reach the edge of the lake, the area of ​​natural forests.

Buyan Lake and Tamblingan lake are like twin lakes. The conservation of nature in the two lakes is still maintained, by example no use of a motor boat. The villagers can use small boats called "pedahu" for fishing. Cool air around evergreen mountains provides a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. There are herds of monkeys not far from the lake, off the highway of Buyan lake from Denpasar to Singaraja.

Pura Agung Jagatnatha (Jagatnatha Temple)
Although the Pura Agung Jagatnatha environment is relatively new and stands splendor in the middle of the city, the environment of this temple attracts tourists. During the full moon and the dark moon (Tilem), it can be witnessed Hindus including school children come to the temple compound to pray withwhite headband, white shirt and yellow scarves (saput) for men, while woman wearing a yellow or white and yellow scarf or white.The city atmosphere, noises then traffic, does not reduce the solemness of Hindus in doing worship. Bentar temples, towering Padmasana seemed to compete with Telkom tower as a symbol of technology advancement, does not diminish the majesty of Padmasana as the throne of  Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

Pura Beji (Beji Temple)
The environment of Pura Beji  is a temple environment to worship the Goddess Sri, located in the village of Sangsit, Sawan District, Buleleng regency. This environment is also known as the environment of Subak temple  for Sangsit Indigenous Village, where all part of the King environment is decorated with carving style of Buleleng - vines and flowers motifs (characteristic of the 15th century, Majapahit). The gate of the temple is decorated with two dragons a symbol of  temple guards. The Carving fills all parts of temple as if none is not decorated with it. The carving is painted colors to show the characteristics of this place.

Pura Dalem Jagaraga (Jagaraga Temple)
Pura Dalem Jagaraga environment, as one of IingkunganPura Kahyangan three Indigenous Jagaraga, generally have the same pattern as other Bali Pura Dalem, the location is near the tomb, statues ornament with scary faces. Pura Dalem Jagaraga is located in Jagaraga village, 11 km East of Singaraja on the roadside to Singaraja Sawan.

Pura Dalem environment is unique, which is carved reliefs on the walls of the front part of the temple depicting dogfight of old-fashioned aircraft in the air , armed robbery, boats, people drinking beer, old-fashioned car. the near-by environment of Jagaraga village is also famous for "Puputan Jagaraga" and sekaa Gong where the deceased artist "Gde Manik" comes from this village.

Pura Madwe Karang (Madwe Karang Temple)
This temple is located in the village of Kubutambahan, 12 km east of Singaraja, consisting of three levels, namely "Jaba Pura" in the outer environment of the temple or "Jabaan", "Middle Jaba", and "Jeroan", the innermost is the most sanctred. Two stone ladder ascent towards Jaba Pura, which is on the front decorated with thirty-four statues of rocks, symbolizing the story of Ramayana figures.

The statue standing in the middle shows Kumbakarna fighting and attacked by the army of monkeys Sugriva. In the north, there is a relief people riding bikes with lotus flower leaves on back wheel. Another attraction is the Durga sculpture in its manifestation as Rangda, in sitting pose with his knees wide open so  leaving genital organ visible. His right hand is placed on the head of a little boy standing next to his knees, his right foot is placed on horned beast lying. Another part of the temple walls are carved and sculptured a flying horse and  Astimuka carving. This figure is depicted equally with Sang Hyang Gana (Ganesha), the god with elephant face.

Ponjok Pura Batu (Ponjok Stone Temple)
This temple is located about 24 km East of Singaraja, sitting in the edge of the beach and on a height, in the Pacung village, Tejakula district.Ponjok Pura Batu is a cape composed of stones. In the language of Bali "Ponjok Stone" means Tanjungbatu. In front of the temple lie the highway to Amlapura and overlooking the sea are stretching ahead. a number water source is  scattered around the site, and local residents make use it for everyday purposes.

Pura Pulaki (Pulaki Temple)
Pulaki Temple is located in the village of Banyupoh Gerokgak, 53km to the west of Singaraja. Pura Pulaki' surrounding is a complex consisting of Pura Agung Pulaki with some "Pesanakan", ie Pura Melanting, Pura Kertha Kawat, Pura Pabean and Pura Pemuteran. In the surrounding of Pura Pemuteran, there is hot water visited by many locals and foreign tourists.

Pulaki temple is built on a rocky cliff and directly overlooking the sea. The appeal of this temple is the location and the surrounding of Pura. Steep and dry rocky hills and the sea stretching in front and a hill not far away on the west  forming a cape gives a very interesting atmosphere. Monkeys living around this temple, often gather in the temple courtyard for the foods given by visitors.

Pura Dalem Sangsit (Sangsit Temple)
Pura Dalem is located in the village of Sangsit 8 km East of Singaraja. The appeal of this temple is the outer wall reliefs which describes the story "Bima Swarga", describing punishments received every man kind in the after death life according to the deeds made before the death. The relief also contains philosophicies about the rights and obligations of Hindus. The relief gets obscure in some parts.

Lovina (Lovina Beach)  
This area is called Kalibukbuk Tourism but better known as Lovina Tourism Regions that are in Buleleng regency. This area covers two districts : Buleleng consists  the Village of Pemaron, Tukadmungga Village, Village Anturan, and Kalibukbuk village; while Temukus and Kaliasem village  belongs to Banjar District. The Easternmost village is the Village of Pemaron (5 km west of Singaraja) and the Westernmost  the Village of Temukus (12 km west of Singaraja). The center of tourism area of Lovina is located 10 km from the city of Singaraja.

According heresay, Lovina was named by the late Anak Agung Panji Tisna, taken from the name of a small hotel in India, namely "Lafeina" where he stayed and wrote a book entitled Ni Ketut Widhi ( already translated into several languages). It is said that this name,Lovina, also taken from two trees "Santen" planted by his son grown hugging one another. Lovina itself comes from the Latin word meaning love each other.

Lovina is a coastal tourist area with black-brown sands and coral reefs with tropical fishes. Lovina is very suitable for diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, sailing, kayaking, or simply soaking in the sea waters. Dolphins in their natural habitat can be found here.Hundreds of dolphins can be seen in the morning, approximately one kilometer off coast. Tourism attractions around Lovina include: Hot water in Banjar, Buddhist Temple, Gitgit waterfall and the surrounding villages ideal for nature tourism (ecotourism).

Ambara monument Lion King (Lion King Statue, Ambara)
Ambara lion king is the symbol of Bulelengr egency, in the form of a winged lion with one front foot holding "corn Gemba ". The symbol is then built in the shape of the monument in front of the Regent's Office of Buleleng with concrete. This monument then becomes "Landmark" of Singaraja city. Its location which is located at an intersection that is often passed by tourists causing the monument has become a big appeal to the area of ​​the Regency Buleleng. the location of Ambara Lion King monument in front of the Regent's Office KepalaDaerah Buleleng, at the fork in Jalan Veteran road, Jalan Pahlawan, and the road heading to Ngurah Rai.


Pura Tanah Lot
Pura Tanah Lot or Tanah Lot Temple is built on rocks in the middle of the beach, one of the places to watch the sunset located in beraban village, Kediri, 13 km from the city of Tabanan.  When the sea water receded, visitors can directly get to the courtyard of the temple to pray. Under the temple there are several caves in which several large and small snakes black and white live. The snake are very tame and not be disturbed. 

On a clear day, we could see the Uluwatu Temple.Tanah Lot Temple is part of Pura Sad Kahyangan which a group six main temples in  Bali. Pura Tanah Lot is a sea temple for worshiping sea guards. 
In the north of Pura Tanah Lot, there is a temple located on top of a cliff that juts into iaut. This cliff connects with the land and lookslike a bridge, arched. In particular, we can see beautiful sunset. The red sunset will be right in the cliff hole. From parking park to temple area, visitors will find many art shops and restaurant or just taverns.

Hot Water Penatahan (Penatahan Hot Water Spring) Hot Water is located in the village of  Penatahan ,Penebei, 13 km from Tabanan City. The hot springs are located on the banks of the river of Yeh Ho. Hot spring water in Penatahan is known as Yeh Panes. This hot water is good for bathing because it contains sulfur and other minerals good for healing skin diseases.

Alas Kedaton (Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest)
Alas Kedaton is located in Kukuh village, Marga District, 4 km from the city of Tabanan. This temple has an entrance, the West (the main entrance), the East, and the South.The Inner courtyard which is the holiest located lower than the middle and outer courtyard.the temple is surrounded by woods inhabited by a group of monkeys.Ada also a bunch of bats (fruit bats ) which hang in the branches of trees and fly anytime.

Piodalan ceremony in this temple falls on Tuesday (Anggara Love) twenty days after Hari Raya Galungan. The ceremony starts on the day and must be completed before the sun set. The temple is often called Pura Alas Kedaton or Pura Dalem Kahyangan.

Bedugul Tourism is an area located on altitude of about 1240 m from the sea surface Iaut. This area is cool with an average temperature of 18 ° C at night and 24 ° C on the day time.

Jati Luwih
Teak Luwih lies in the altitude of 700 m above the sea surface, 27 km to the north of Tabanan. Jati Luwih,  as tourism village , is one of beautiful object, with views and panorama of terraced rice. In the north, the background of heavily wooded mountain with the cool and clean air.

Botanical Garden  
Botanical Garden is located in the western tourism Bedugul is a complex of forest preserves. There is green savana and interspersed with a variety of flowers along the road trails in the surrounding woods. In addition to the beautiful and green scenery there is also a greenhouse building used for trial and development of plants, especially orchids. Here there are thousands of plant species,well maintained in a professional manner.

Pantai Soka (Soka Beach)
Soka Beach is located 40 km from Denpasar or 25 km from the town of Tabanan towards Western majors Denpasar-Gilimanuk. Soka has beautiful beach views, suitable for relax and rest. On this beach there is a big pot of rock and an ancient kitchen belongs to Kebo Iwa.

Bali Butterfly Park (Butterfly Park)
Butterfly garden is located in the villageof Wanasari, District of Tabanan, approximately 5 km to the north of the city of Tabanan.Everyday, hundreds of colorful butterflies are released, one of them in the world's most famous Butterfly with bird heaven wings (Omithoptera Paradisea), O. Priamus and various types from all over the archipelago. Butterfly garden, the only in this archipelago is attempting to breed as well as a bird santuary.

Taman Margarana (Margarana Heroes Monument)
The park is located 25 km from Denpasar or 13 km from the city of Tabanan. On 20 November 1946, a fighter battle between the troop of Republic of Indonesia againts Dutch colonists, di Banjar Keiaci Marga village under Lieutenant Koionel I GustiNgurah Rai. This battle terkenai named Puputan War Margarana. I Gusti Ngurah Rai and all the troops gugurdalam battle and all the ashes are buried here pahlawanbangsa. In this monument we dapatmenyaksikan some writing letters of I Gusti Ngurah Rai bersamaseluruh army members who terkenai as Ciungwanara, will not compromise or surrender to the invaders.

Tourism Puri (Palace of Attraction)
Puri Anyar and Puri Gede in Krambitan is an artistic ancient castle. Puri Anyar with "Night Castle" and Puri Gede with "Night Culture"  presents some interesting attractions, including "Joged Bumbung and' Tektekan". Together with Joged dancers, guests are invited to dance along to the rhythm of the joged dance. in the  Tektekan dance, we can see that dancers are being in trance like "debus" action in Banten or "jaranan" in the East Java.


Denpasar (Denpasar City)
Denpasar Bali as a government center, a business center in Bali is the capital of Bali province. As menjadikota modern city (metropolitan), Denpasar has perbelanjaandan center restaurant located at Jalan Teuku Umar. Gajamadamerupakan street business center, there is an office, bank, restaurant, and


Municipal administrative center of Denpasar.
For modern shopping center you can walk to Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Diponegoro. Material shopping for textiles and handicrafts, try a visit to the Market Badung dan Kumbasari Markets located separated by Tukad Badung.

Bali Art Centre (Taman Budaya)
Taman Budaya Werdhi is located at Jalan Nusa Indah Denpasar, is one of the largest places for cultural performances on Bali. Every year the Bali Arts Festival held here. The work of architectural design of Balinese, Ida Bagus Tugur, is divided into 4 complex sections :
1. Holy Complex include Taman Beji, Bale Selonding, BalePepaosan, etc.
2. The quiet complex including the Library of Widya Kusuma
3. The Complex half crowded includes Mahudara Exhibition Building, Building Kriya, Study Sculpture, Art Pensions, and Wantilan
4. Crowded complex including Open Stage Ardha Candra closed dan Ksirarnawa Stage (both in Selatan Sungai)

Padanggalak Region (Padanggaiak Area)
Padang Galak area not far from the city of Denpasar. Hanyabutuh 7-10 minutes. Municipal tourism complex area Denpasarini provides a variety of recreational facilities, swimming pool bertarafinternational, open stage to accommodate berbagaiatraksi art, games dilatarbelakangilayar laser beam with a fountain, various attractions at the event Taman Festival Bali, and so forth. There is also a pond reptiles (alligators) and restaurants ataupasar-pasartradisional.

Puputan Badung Square is the center of the crowd in Denpasar. Bellows which means "all-out" symbol pertempuranterhadap Netherlands. Approximately 4,000 people including KeluargaRaja Denpasar Bali killed and since then the Dutch master Baii.
Monument PuputanBadungdibangununtukmengenangperjuanganrakyat Bali. Located in the north iapangan. Consist monument king, queen, and two sons of the king.

Bajra Sandhi Monument
The location of this monument is located in front of the Office of the Governor of Bali Province who was also in front of Parliament Building BaliNiti Province Mandala Renon, exactly in Puputan Renon. BajraSandhi, a sebagaipenghormatan Bali People's Monument to the hero and a symbol of struggle for the preservation of life from generation to generation in Bali.Monumen rectangular square with penerapankonsepsi Tri Mandala:
1. Main Mandala is a courtyard / buildings most central
2. Madya Mandala is the courtyard surrounding the Main Mandala
3. Nista Mandala is the outermost mengitariMadya yard Mandala
Building on the monuments of Mandala arranged into 3lantai:
Main Utamaning Mandala is the 3rd floor (top) berfungsisebagai space of tranquility, a place to enjoy the atmosphere disekelilingmonumen.
Main Madyaning Mandala on the 2nd floor serves as a diorama totaling 33 units. Level 2 (two) is the display miniaturperjuangan Balinese people from time to time. On the outside terdapatserambi or open terrace to enjoy the atmosphere.
Main Nistaning Mandala is the ground floor, there is ruanginformasi, libraries, exhibitions, meetings, administration, dantoilet. In the middle of the room there is a lake (Lake Puser), eight pole sublime, and the ladder-shaped rose periwinkle.

Sanur (Sanur Beach)
This beach is located in the east of Denpasar famous long ago, when the war Puputan Badung 1906. PantaiSanur first introduced by the Belgian painter AJ Le Mayeurbersama his wife Ni Polok who settled there since 1937.Banyak hotel facilities along the east and southeast of Sanur Beach, kiosk goods art / art shop, diner / restaurant, diving, snorkeling, canoeing, sur fi ng, jet skiing, parasailing, and etc. Parapengunjungjuga can enjoy the beauty along the footpath along the coast sucked less Iebih 6 km in sepanjangpantai Mertasari until Padanggalak for jogging area.


Stone Klotok
Klotok beach is located 5 Km from Semarapura city to the south. This place is very interesting because dilatarbelakangipemandangan untukdikunjungi rice field with Mount Agung visible the distance and expanse of ocean in front of him. Travelers also dapatmenyaksikan and enjoy the scenery very menarikpada when there is activity Melasti ceremony.

Gelgel village (Gelgel Village)
Gelgel village located 3 km from the city Semarapura to the south, close to the village of Kamasan. Travelers can menyaksikankegiatan ceremony conducted over three days, starting on the Day Monday after Galungan (called "PamacekanAgung"). The village is also terkenai with crafts Weaving Songket fabric that characterizes the village.

Desa Kamasan (Kamasan Village)
Kamasan village terkenai with silver, carved shell casings, gold and Iukisan traditional puppet. Goods-barangseni of silver, gold, shell casings, and Iukisankhas traditional puppets.

Goa Lawah (Bat Cave)
It's very interesting, beautiful with pienataan good because it is located on the beach with views Iautdan island of Nusa Penida in the distance. At the beach (sometimes) wisatawandapat witness traditional ceremonies and activities can also see bats hanging from the edge of the cave.

Nusa Penida (Nusa Penida Area)
Nusa Penida in the region there are several objects and tempatrekreasi water tourism, the marine areas with the most beautiful coral reefs and various species of fish.The white sandy beach with a stretch of hills yangindah, there is also Goa Giri Putri. Goa is located in the hamlet KarangsariDesa Suana less Iebih 5 km east of the village of Batununggul.Awal into the cave was narrow, but after Iebih crawl in through the extensive cave room. In goaterhampar stalagmites and stalactites, sacred springs, danmenembus to the west that comes out at the mouth of the cave is quite Iebar denganmenyaksikan views of the hills.

Karang Bolong
These objects can be seen from Sakti village of Nusa Penida . In addition to panoramic Karang Bolong, also the view of  Penida beach with the white sand.

Lembongan Beach and Jungutbatu
White sandy beaches, crystal clear water Iaut with various kinds of colorful fish, beautiful corals and colorful sea, very interesting to visit.Various marine tourism facilities have also been provided, sepertibanana boat. In the afternoon can be seen pemandanganmatahari terbenan. From Jungutbatu and Lembongan, kitadapat enjoy the beautiful natural scenery in Ceningan, with a bridge over the sea that connects Lembongandan Ceningan.

Kawasan Tukad Unda (Tukad Unda Area)
Tukad Unda Ietaknya region 38 km from Denpasar to arahtimur. Tukad Unda in the region there are a rekreasiarung activities rafting / rafting. This rafting recreation area memilikipanjang 9 km and rafting on the path we will menemui22 obstacles.

Kerta Gosa and Taman Gili
Attractions Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili (Hall Kambang) in ancient times was part of a castle built in the KerajaanKlungkung Semarapura 17.dKerta century Gosa is suatubangunan (bale) which is part of the palace complex of buildings Semarapura and was built around 1686 by IDAI Dewa Agung Jambe.
T1'ga composed of historic buildings that are in satuareal, located in the heart Semarapura (approximately 40 kmsebelah t1'mur Denpasar). In the west there are pintugerbang known as the Great Pemedal, gerbangutama door. To get to this place through traffic perjalananmenuju Besakih, Goa Lawah, or Candi Dasa. From this place kitadapat continue to Kamasan village which lies 2 km to arahselatan a village famous for silver, ukiranselongsong bullets, gold, and Iukisan traditional puppets.
The third appeal of this building is a historical relics of Klungkung kingdom with beautiful carved ornaments. At the ceiling of Kertha Gosa building and Taman Gili, you will find traditional artistic painting of Kamasan, depicting the philosophy of Hindu culture. At first, the painting on the ceiling of  the building was made of cloth and parba. Right after 1930 replaced and made on the plasterboard  restored to its original and still intact today.
Kerta Gosa is composed of two building-(bale), namely Bale Bale akerta Gosa and Kambang. Kambang Bale called for building the Garden Giliy inldikelilingi pool. There are many statues lined dewayang.
At the time of a war Dutch military expedition that dikenalsebagai Puputan Klungkung on 28 April 1908 ,. DewaAgung Jambe and his followers fall (PuputanKlungkung monument located across Kerta Gosa). After kekalahantersebut core building Kraton Semarapura (offal) dihancurkandan be a place of settlement. Yangmasih highest remaining debris is Kerta Gosa, Bale Kambang with his Gili Park, and the Palace Gate.
During the Dutch colonial bureaucracy in Klungkung (1908-1942) ,. Kerta Gosa never functioned as a hall sidangpengadilan. In fact, the former fixtures of court kursidan wear carved wooden tables and paint prade still there.

Monument Puputan Klungkung (Klungkung War Monument)
This monument is a memorial melawanBelanda battle on April 28, 1908. The monument is located in the heart kotaSemarapura, precisely in the north building Kertha Gosa danaman Gili. The monument was built in the architectural style Balidalam form of yoni phallus, in which there are statues of the king who died in the bellows is supported by a diorama peristiwaPuputan Klungkung.

Kusamba beach (Kusamba Beach)
Kusamba beach terletaksekitar7 km to the east of the city Semarapura. This beach is the beach fishermen and traditional garamsecara place of manufacture.


Bukit Jambul
Bukit Jambul is located in the village of Pesaban, Nongan Village, District Rendang, Karangasem District II, is about 12 km from Klungkung or 51 km from the city of Denpasar dandilewati seconds on the way to Besakih. Located on a hill, but can also see the panorama of death. From where ketinggianini we can see the natural beauty, specially rice fields of Bali, and enjoy the cool air.

Tenganan (Tenganan Village)
Middle Pegeringsingan village or one of the ancient villages in Bali, known as Bali Age. Polakehidupan citizens like the village, the communication system is a ritual that amatunik.

Gunung Agung (Mount Agung)
Gunung Agung, which has an altitude of 3,014 meters is still active, Ietusan last occurred in 1963. At the foot of the mountain terdapatPura Besakih, the biggest temple in Bali. We can climb GunungAgung between July and October.Gunung Agung Mountain is sacred to the Hindus of Bali where there is a belief that the gods-dewaberistana on this mountain.

Iseh environment is part of Sidemen Village, District Sidemen, Karangasem regency, located about 52 km from kotaDenpasar and can be reached by car via the jurusanDesa Satria, direct to Sidemen. Tourist Iseh already terkenalkarena beauty of its natural scenery. Here lived the famous pelukisdari Germany, Walter Spies (1895-1942) is unlimited, the other famous painters, such as Theo Mejer of Switzerland Bale yanglahir in Switzerland on 31 March 1908. They are widely melukispemandangan backdrop of Mount Agung, livelihoods daily, dancers, and local ceremonies.

Jemeluk tourist attraction located in the coastal village of Purwakerti, District Red, District II Karangasem.Jaraknya more than 101 km from the city of Denpasar or 21 km from the city Amlapura.

Padang Bai
Padang Bai is located in the village of Padang Bai, District Manggis, Karangasem regency, is 53 km from the city of Denpasar atauIebih about 30 km from Amlapura.
Padang Bai is kofca liaison Bali and Lombok ith Lombok.Penyeberangan to ferry four times a day. Padang Bai is also a lean pesiarbesar ships only docked at Labuhan Ramp.
Disinidapatdinikmati penduduksetempat wisataainjukung-boats and boat, souvenir shops, and more. Interestingly adalahpantainya bleh sheltered bay with black rock under the water safe kokohsehingga life.
On the eastern coast of Padang Bai clean white sand. Excellent for diving and snorkeling activities, there are a number of tropical fish and coral reefs rich.

Pura Besakih (Besakih Ternple Area)
Besakih complex consists of 18 Pura Pura and 1 Utama. Pura Besakih is the center of all the activities available in Bali Pura. In anta ra all pretended that termasukdalam PuraBesakih complex, Penataran is the largest, terbanyakbangunan-building pelinggihnya, most types of ritual resident and center of all temple in Besakih. Terdapat3 main sculpture Tri Mur fi Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva the god merupakanperlambang Creator, God the Preserver, and fuser Deity.

Puri Agung Karangasem (Karangasem Palace)
Puri Agung Karangasem Amlapura is located in the center of which is located 78 km from the city of Denpasar, which is 15 km from wisataCandidasa object.
The castle was built in the late 19th century by Anak Agung GedeJelantik, the first king of Karangasem. Bangunannyamerupakan architectural blend of Balinese architecture, China, and Eropa.Terdapat also W temples towering 25 meter mencapaiketinggian made of brick and decorated cetakanmotif puppet.

Putung located in East Duda, District Strait, KabupatenDaerah of Karangasem. The distance is about 64 km from kotaDenpasar or 19 km from the town of Amlapura. Putung located in daerahpegunungan surrounded by dense trees, terutamakebun bay. The beauty of the panorama here is a fusion between the wild mountains and bolts. The natural scenery of forests, rice fields, coupled with the downstream mudikkapal death in Labuhan Ramp and fishing activities. Nusa Penida sangatjelas look of Putung. The beauty of Putungterekam dalamlukisan Mr. Christiano of ltali who married a girl from Manggis.

Rafting Telagawaja
Telagawaja is the name of a river in the village of Chop, District Rendang Karangasem regency. Jernihtidak waters never dry, even drought. Yangberliku meandering stream with large rocks that we can enjoy along the river.

Situated in Du kuh Sibetan, District Bebandem yangjaraknya about 83 km from the city of Denpasar, Bali is famous for its slate-nya.Kebun Sibetan bay is one of the agrotourism where we can see the activities of the Salak fruit picking, or we can directly participate to reap together locals. In addition to the garden barking, landscape gardeners denganhamparan fi ber levels plus a view of the white foam of the waves in the distance is very interesting to visit.

Taman Tirtagangga
Tirtagangga Park is a tourist attraction with a beautiful panorama ya ng. Ran empty fields that surround the garden Tirtagangga, water resources, and the air is cold add nikmatnyaberistirahat in this place. This attraction is located in the village of Ababi 83 km to the east of Denpasar.

Taman Ujung
Taman Ujung links located in the village, Karangasem district, is about 85 km from Denpasar or 5 km selatanAmlapura.Taman Ujung built in 1919 and diresmikanpenggunaannya in 1921. The park was built by a king of Karangasem and used as a resting place atautempat to entertain important guests. Bangunannyamegah and distinctive shape, a blend of European architecture and Bali. West of the pond, where it is quite high, there sebuahbangunan circular called "Bale Bengong", untukmenikmati beauty of the park and surrounding areas. Magnificent heritage has been destroyed by an earthquake in 1963 and 1979.Namun former splendor we can still enjoy.

The tourist areas are located in the village of Tulamben Tulamben, Kubu district, about 104 km to the east of Denpasar. Tulambenmerupakan place with a majestic panorama of mountains, valleys worship, and views Haut blue.


Jimbaran Kedonganan
Jimbaran beach and Kedonganan is a fishing and fish market in the center of Badung district. Many cafes lined serves makananIaut and can be enjoyed by the beach. White beaches, suitable untukberjemur or sail with a traditional boat. From here, lurketh day we can see the sparkling Kuta or menyaksikankapal that will fly down and airs at airports Ngurahrai.

Pura Uluwatu (Uluwatu Temple Area)
Uluwatu is located in a hilly area next to coral selatanPulau Bali. Uluwatu for Administra fi f DesaPecatu entrance area, Kuta, Badung regency. From Denpasar kurangIebih 30 km to the south through the area of ​​tourism Kuta, Ngurah Rai airport Tuban, and the village of Jimbaran.
Pura Luhur Uluwatu is expected to stand around the 11th century, hence seusiadengan Kuturan who founded pelinggih PuraBesakih environment. The place is determined by the Rev. DanghyangNirarta to achieve moksha, which is integrated with the HyangPencipta Universe. There are monkeys in Pura Environmental dandilindungi by masyarakat.Pantai here is very good for the sport surfboard.

Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is located in Badung regency. Percontohanyang area is the pride of Bali and Indonesia began in 1974. The distance dibangunsejak Nusa Dua area of ​​the city Denpasaradalah 30 km (by road south of Kuta area), danjarak from the airport is 12 km.
This area has the most complete tourism facilities in Bali, even in Indonesia, such as accommodation facilities, sports facilities and shopping centers. This area also has magnificent beaches both for recreation and exercise.

Pantai Kuta (Kuta Beach)
Kuta is located 11 km south of Denpasar and can easily dicapaidengan good public transport ataukendaraan personal use.
Kuta is a vibrant region and is a haven bagiwisatawan countries. Kuta meet all kebutuhanwisatawan like white sand beach with waves untukberselancar, restaurant or cafeteria. Along the way banyakkios that sell diverse needs of travelers.

Labuan Sait Beach (Labuan Sait Beach)
Labuan Sait Beach is one of the attractions of the beach district Dati. ll Badung. The beach atmosphere far from kebisingan.Pantai located under merupakanperpaduan coral hills between the coast and the hills panorama yangtebing-banks full of natural ornaments
Beach with white sand that is able to create stunning warnakeindahan for visitors.

Suluban (Suluban Beach)
Located in the village of Pecatu and resides between the beach Uluwatudan Labuhan Sait, which is about 34 km from the city Denpasarmenuju south.
The beach is beautiful and perfect for surfing and recreation. Untukberselancar, we had to descend the cliff and enter the caves area lebardan then get to the surface to berselancar.Lokasi obyekjauh of noise.
Pelaga(Pelaga Village)Pelaga has cold climates with a row of hills, mountains, valleys, rice terraces, waterfalls and coffee plantations rakyatmemiliki main attraction for us. Being at the end UtaraKabupaten Badung, more than 48 km from Denpasar merupakanperbatasan of Badung, Tabanan Regency Buleieng, and Bangli regency. Travelling from north cantaloupe kotaDenpasar fi Sangeh, Evening, then Pelaga.Dari Pelaga existing road through the village towards the object Kintamanimelalui Belaksidan.
There is a building that was built by the Dutch East Indies. From the site, we will be easy to travel lokasiobyek Bedugul, Kintamani, or where persembahyanganPuncak Mangu.

Pura Taman Ayun (Taman Ayun Temple)
The location is located in the village of Taman Ayun Mengwi, Mengwi sub district, Badung regency. Distance from the city of more than 18 kmmenuju northwest following the path of degree-Singarajamelalui Bedugul Denpasar.
Pura Taman Ayun Temple 
This is a government environment which was built in 1634. The temple is surrounded kolamyang lotus flowers, and have three pages of crisp, jugadihiasi line Meru, Paibon, and Padmasana Throne alert Tri Murti.
On the opposite side there is the Museum of Man and Pura Yajna, yaitumuseum humanity since human ritual in kandunganhingga to cremation (cremation). On the right is the village of Pura kirilingkungan population / house-rumahtradisional, and across the street there are rapids denganparit tortuous.

Sangeh located 20 km north of Denpasar, across jalanmenuju Pelaga. The appeal of this attraction is the temple which is located in the middle of the nutmeg tree is called Pura Bukit Sari.Hutan nutmeg tree is a sacred area of ​​the temple's sacred by villagers Indigenous Sangeh. In the middle of dense forest green herds of tame monkeys there.

Ulun Danu Batur
Ulun Danu Batur is located in tepibarat Beratan. This temple is devoted to Dewi Danu (Lake) as a symbol dewikemakmuran.
Kuning Waterfal (Hamlet Yellow Waterfall)
In the southern part of about 6 km from the town of Bangli, in the village of DusunKuning. The waterfall is located at an altitude of 25 meters above the river Melangit. This location is within walking distance of 500 meterdari village. Cool regions combined with beautiful scenery. Not far from this place there dihuniratusan monkey forest.
Batukaan village (Batukaan Village)
Batukaan village located approximately 35 km from Kintamani. Known as a tourist destination for those interested in culture.
Mount Batur (Mount Batur)
Mountain is still active with fi nggian to 1,500 meters above sea level. The journey from Denpasar ditempuhsekitar 1 hour. Lake Batur is located at the foot of Mount Batur, providing views of a comfortable atmosphere. Hiking to the summit takes about 3 hours. From puncakkita can see Gunung Agung or Gunung Rinjani.
Hutan Bamboo (Bamboo Forest)
Located in the village of Kubu Bangli district, about 5 km from the town of Bangli. Various types of bamboo such as bamboo Petung, bamboo Gutters, or others can be found here. Do not be surprised if selaluterdengar sound of bamboo trees when the wind.
Kawasan Batur (Batur Area)
Batur area within 65 km from Denpasar or from Bangli town about 23 km. This region is an area of ​​potential wisatadengan Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Pura Batur, yangnamanya derived from the name of Mount Batur, one SadKhayangan temple, a Hindu cult place in seluruhBali, especially Bali, Central, North, and East to memohonkeselamatan in agriculture. Menyebabkanpura eruption of the villagers moved into place now.
From Penelokan we can see the expanse of Lake Batur. This region many boats that cater to tourists danpenumpang general of Kedisan to Trunyan. Batur Lake is rich in culinary fish tilapia and other freshwater fish.
Kawasan Toya Bungkah (Toya Bungkah Area)
Toya Bungkah including Batur Village area, located at the foot of Mount Batur or western edge of Lake Batur is located less lebih6 km from the village of residence, 38 km from the city of Bangli, and 78 km dariKota Denpasar. This place is Hot Spring Nature who daily penyakitkhususnya used to cure skin diseases. Because of the location of hot tubs berdekatandengan Lake Batur, the view of the lake menjadibebas. Sutan Ali Syahbana building Toyo Bungkah yangdisebut Arts Center, the place to menggelarberbagai kinds of art.To the east of the highway to Toyo Bungkah are PuraJati.
Narmada Baliraja
Baliraja Narmada Park is located approximately 5 km selatanBangli. In the village we can find parks Tamanbali heritage (era) empire ever memerintahdisana.Terdapat sebuahkolam used as a recreation area by the king Tamanbali.Juga ancestors are pretending to menghorma fi Maha Slot Tuta Tamanbali Harum.

Pura Pucaksari (Pucaksari Temple)
Situated on a hill in the village Pulasari Peninjoan temperate sejuk.Dari pretend it appears scenic southern coast of Bali. At saatmatahari rising from behind Mount Agung, visible from hamparanhutan natural. Plus panorama typical Balinese village style houses scattered in the valley and the hills complement fi alamsekeh ngnya.

Tugu Pahlawan Penglipuran (Penglipuran Heroes Monument)
Monument erected to commemorate the fighters in Bangli, led by Captain AnakAgung Gede Muditha against Belanda.Monumen storied nine-founded in 1959, in atasarea area of ​​1.5 ha.


Bungy Jumping Blangsinga
Located in the village of Blangsinga, Blahbatuh, District daerahTingkatllGianyar, exactly in the valley of AirTerjunTegenungan.Ketinggiannya approximately 50 meters. Supported nuansapegunungan, this is the right place to visit.

Batubulan (Batubulan Village)
The village is located in Denpasar, Gianyar line about 10 km from Denpasar and 21 km from Gianyar. A village entrance secaraadministratif district Sukawati, Gianyar regency.The village was originally known as the village of Agriculture, kayaakan arts, Dance, Art and Sculpture. Dankebudayaan agrarian structure of society which is inspired by the Hindu religion to be dasardari life of the village. Sangatterkenal Batubulan Barong dance center as typical. Dance Barongdisajikan in five venues fl ap day. We also look stone sculptor made statues for dekorasirumah, hotels, roads, and temples.
Desa Belega and Bona (Belega and BonaVillage)Desa Belega in Blahbatu district,Gianyar regency, while Bona is par of Belega village. Desa Belega is the center of bambu craft comprises of  chair, bed, dressing table, wardrobe, and so forth. The Bona village is known as the center of the leaf craft and  Kecak dance.

In addition to dance performances, also staged the dance of Sang Hyang Dedari by 2 little girls in trance and the last is  Sang Hyang jaran, where a man dancing with bare foot kicking ember.

Desa Mas (Mas Village)
Mas Village is famous for its arts, crafts carvings, sculptures, and other arts. Mas Village location in the path of tourism, one of the tourist attractions in the West Gianyar.
Desa Peliatan (Peliatan village)
Peliatan Village as a tourist attraction in the District of Gianyar is famous for its handicrafts and arts, in addition to its location so close to Ubud. Village Peliatan has good potential in the field of art and culture of the artist. In the villageis  famous for its arts activities, good dance, sculpture, printmaking, and painting.
Prominent artists here are Anak Agung Gede Mandra, I Wayan Gandra, Wayan Gerindem, and I Made Bee. Painting and sculpture has grown since the beginning of Hinduism.

Desa Sebatu and Pujung (Pujung and Sebatu Villages)
Village is located one mile north of the village of Tegallalang, Subdistrict Tegallalang, while Ayr or Hamlet Pujung including wilayahDesa mile. Village is located one mile north of the village of Mas, with many well-known sculptor scattered along the road.
Many ancient relics in the village. As the phallus in some temples, ceremonies were not wearing Rauh fi, and also the absence of Padmasana at temples in this village Iingkunganwilayah.
Own name has been associated with the story termuatdalam Iontar Usana Bali, the story Mayadenawa. Come fromLanguage Bali stone anchors, namely when Mayadenawa slip olehsebuah stone in his escape after the battle with Indra Betara.
Desa Sidan (Sidan Village)
Village Sidan located in Gianyar regency of Gianyar, 4 km from the town of Bangli, Gianyar toward or 31 km from Denpasar.Desa Page has a beautiful panorama, because it is arealperbukitan. Village Page also has several tourist attractions, such as:
a. Pura Dalem Sidan
Pura Dalem Sidan founded around the 17th century by elders dariPuri Sidan, I Dewa Gede Pindi. In 1948 renovated olehputranya, I Dewa Kompyang Pindi.
Pura Dalem Sidan has magnificent keunikandihiasi diverse reliefs and carvings typical saratdengan and philosophical Hinduism.
b. Pura Bukit Camplung
Pura Bukit Camplung are around 100 m Northeast dariPura Dalem Sidan. This temple stands majestically on a cliff laden with ancient writings (unknown origin tulisantersebut).
In the north there is a cliff sewer springs kecilkeramat because it is believed to cure penyakitkulit. It is said that in the temple of the gods menganugerahkanGamelan Sidan Angklung is already very well known to foreign countries.
Pura Bukit Camplung also called Pura Masceti, karenamasyarakat Pengemongnya is 9 Subak (PetaniBali Organization) in the village Page.
c. Stage Barong Page
On the western side of the Pura Dalem Sidan, terrace area, built for stage performances performing arts dariKabupaten Gianyar. Performances are staged here BarongTaru Pramana. We can order directly to the Office of Tourism District Level II Herzliya.
Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring
Tourism is the area including Tampaksiring dariDenpasar 40 km. Here is full of historic relics. Peninggalancandi and monasteries on Mount is estimated at 11Masehi century.
The name of Gunung Kawi is not known the exact fee asalmulanya.Secara etymology of the word is said to originate and Mount Kawi, the mountain is a mountain area and Kawi dressed pahatan.Pahatan fi is available in the mountains or in the coral rocks.
Lembu Putih and Gajah Taro (White Cow and Elephant Taro)
Taro village located in the District Tegallalang, Gianyar regency DaerahTingkat II. About 40 km from Denpasar.There is a forest village inhabited by a herd of cows / bulls white. The animal sacred and sanctified olehmasyarakat around because it is a complementary means (witness) ceremonies in Bali, which Ngasti (or equivalent ceremonies).
White cows will be brought to the ceremony and led around the area / place of ceremony started eastward and southward turn around three times, kemudianberakhir or completed in the east. This ceremony is called the ceremony (Maideran / Purwa Dakshina). After the ceremony was finished, Cattle Putihdikembalikan to forest village of Taro.
Has developed a new tourism here, which TrackingGajah. We can ride around the forest elephant melewatijalan trail around the village of Taro. Or playing in the water with gajahdalam pool already available.

Penataran Month (Promotion Month Temple)
The temple is located in the middle of the village on the edge of Pejeng highway towards Tampaksiring.
This temple keeps some historical relics in Bali. Statues old or historic heirlooms stored in each temple compound in the village of Pejeng. As Nekara Perunggumerupakan one ancient relic "Pre-Hindu".

Jagat Pura Pusering (Pusering Jagat Temple)
Pu ra is located in the village of Pejeng, precisely  in the Pura Kebo Edan environment.
This temple is considered as the "Center of the World", where a statue of the ancient terdapatsejumlah like sculpture Catuh Rich. The vessel, made of stone with a relief depicting the gods mencariTirta Amrita, an ancient artifact found in this neighborhood. The vessel is either in sangkala 1251Caka ( 1329 AD), which shows the government Majapahitdi East.
The Netherlands is also called. In the surrounding temples also Purus Building (Purus = male genitalia), tempattersimpannya a phallus and a Yoni.

Attractions Monkey Forest (Monkey Forest Object)
In the village of Padang Tegal between and Nyuh Kuning, Ubud District, District Level II Herzliya, exactly 26 km from KotaDenpasar, there is a small forest inhabited by ratusanKera Bali fairly benign and may be invited to play.The forest is also a village cemetery and temple denganarsitektur Balinese. And when the time is right, we can menyaksikanupacara temple (Odalan) and cremation (cremation) with complete.

Pura Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave Temple)
Elephant cave temple located in the village Bedulu, Blahbatuh District Level II Herzliya. The distance is approximately 26 miles from Denpasar, located on the tourist route Denpasar-Tampaksiring-Lake Batur - Kintamani.
The temple is surrounded by rice fields with beauty ngaraisungai Gorge, in the vicinity there are places bersejarahseperti Yeh Pulu, Samuan Three, ARCA House, Arjuna Metapa, KeboEdan, Pusering Jagat, Upgrading SEH, and other-other.
Name Goa Gajah unknown origin with certainty. Namaini solidarity name Pura Goa (designation of local communities) with the name contained in the ancient inscriptions, and yakniErgajah Lwa Gajah.
In the courtyard there Pura Goa Gajah Ancient Petirtaan, divided into fi ga room. In the north there is a three-in shower and roams sculpture statue selatanjuga board. While there is good in biliktengahhanya sculpture. Approximately 13 meters in the cave there utaraPetirtaan or niche-shaped hermitage hurufT. On each side of the hall there are niches to meditate, the numbers 15 pieces. In most niches there Trilinggadan east in the west end there is a statue Ganeca. On page Pura Goa Gajah also found fragments of buildings that have not been bisadirekonstruksi. All historical relics in this place sungguhluar usual.

Pura Kebo Edan (Kebo Edan Temple)
This place is full of ancient relief is very interesting. There is a statue of Shiva in the form of Bhairawa dancing, yangtingginya360 cm. This form of sculpture dance on the corpse with decorative snake, his face wearing a mask and a cock like this bergoyang.Pura many dikunjungil for research or simply inginmelihat-see relics of history.

Mangening Temple (Temple Mangening)
This temple is not far to the north of Tampaksiring Temple Mount, and south of the road leading to the neighborhood temple Empul.15 km from the town of Gianyar and 37 km from the city, there is Pura Denpasar.Di Lingga-Yoni and ancient statues that have been damaged, and the remnants of an ancient building. It was also found the remains of a suspected bangunankuno a prasada, derived from jamanAnak Wungsu.

Pura Pagulingan
Pegulingan temple is located in the village of Basang Ambu Village Manukaya, Tampaksiring District, near the road to Kintamani. It is  10 km rom the town of Gianyar and 38 km from Denpasar.
In Pura Pegulingan, you can find a large stupa with octagon foot. In addition, the landscape view is so beautiful overlooking the palace of Tampaksiring. The ancient remains found is clay material containing the mantra of Buddhist.

Pura Tirta Empul Tampaksiring (Tirta Empul Temple)
Tampaksiring is a village located 36 miles from Denpasar. Pura Tirta Empul a relics of the kingdom in Bali, one of the few ancient relics interesting to visit. In the west, the president's palace built during the government of President Sukarno.Etymologically, Tirta Empul means water coming out of the ground, such as springs in other places.Panorama of the temple is so magical out of its site arrangement  and full of ancient story.

Rimba Reptile Singapadu (Singapadu Reptile Jungle)
The park is located in the north of the Bird Garden, Citra Bali International. Rimba Reptile maintains various reptile animals from around the World. Do not worry, visitors' safety is assured here good  although many animals are venomous.

Citra Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park (Citra Bali Bird Park)
Cirta Bali Bird Park is located in the International Village of Singapadu, Subdistrict Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, 12 miles from the city of Denpasar. In this place we can see a variety of birds, both native bird island of Bali, Indonesia, and the birds of the world.

Source: 123 Tempat Makan Enak & Murah di Bali by Anang Made M and Prasto Wardoyo


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