Visit Taman Wisata Alam Punti Kayu, Palembang, South Sumatra.

Taman Wisata Alam, Palembang.
Hutan Wisata Punti Kayu is a nature park for tourism in the middle of Palembang City. The nature park has functions as a place of conservation, tourist and recreation, research and education, as well as supporting cultural activities. Not surprisingly, when entering the holiday season, many students coming from different schools and students who come to study, learn while getting to know the rich flora and fauna of Indonesia.

Covering an area of 39.9 ha, Punti Kayu Forest has a wealth of diverse flora and fauna. In term of flora, visitors can find various types of plants, such as pine (Pinus Merkussi), acacia (Acacia mangium), Mahogany (Switenia Swageri), Talog (Muntingia calabura), and Pulai (Alstonia Granensis). Besides,  Punti Kayu Forest is home to a flock of long-tailed macaques, monkeys, squirrels, lizards, raccoons, even a rare insect that has not been named scientifically.

Hutan Wisata Punti Kayu is located on the highway of Palembang - Jambi precisely on Jalan Kol H Burlian 6.5 Km, Palembang. It is also closed, about 5 km, from the International Airport Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin 2. So when landed on or departed from the Airport, visitors will always pass by this park. 
New Attractions in TWA Punti Kayu.

When just landed, in no traffic jam situation after about 10 minutes after passing Gramedia Book Store on your left, on your right side there you can see a green forest city grown with pine trees; It is Hutan Wisata Punti Kayu. On the other way round, when on the way to the airport, after about 30 minutes, you will find this beloved green park in Palembang on your left side. It is noticeable its presence as you will find the lines of pine trees along the road on the left when closing the park.
Entrance Gate of the World Landmark Park.
Now TWA Punti Kayu provides new attractions. These attractions available are Replicas of the World's Landmark including: Liberty Statue, Pisa Tower, Eiffel Tower, Egypt Pyramid, Pre wedding Park, Flying Fox, and Water park. You can do pre wedding photo taking session as well as taking photos with Replica of the World' Landmark in the same park  as the are in the same area. Just pay the entry ticket of Rp 10,000.0 per person, then start taking photos there.
Replica of Pisa Building.

Replica of Eiffel Tower.

Replica of Liberty Statue.
Replica of Egypt Pyramide.


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