Visit Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatra : Jembatan Limpapeh.

Bukit Tinggi is full of natural charm, presenting its beauty and coolness. As a tourism spot in West Sumatra, Bukit Tinggi offers a variety attractions  to entice visitors to come and stay. A famous attraction most tourist will never miss  is a stroll across Limpapeh Bridge while enjoying the beauty of Bukit Tinggi from above. Limpapeh Bridge is the most famous bridge in Bukit Tinggi.Limpapeh Bridge is a suspension bridge with a length of 90 meters and width of 3.8 meters. It stretches over Jalan Ahmad Yani, Bukittinggi connecting Kinantan Wildlife and Culture Park with Fort de Kock.

Do not forget to take photographs of the beautiful scenery. You can have a look not only the houses and vehicles that look pretty like a miniature, but Mount Merapi is located right in front of your eyes and the fog that blanket green hills. Especially when the weather is sunny, because the sky would look perfect. While photographing, sometimes we are surrounded by a pack of monkeys. Do not worry they are safe. The monkeys come from Wildlife Park Kinantan. With the entry charge of IDR 5,000, - per person, you can take a walk  to discover Limpapeh Bridge.

The showcase does not stop there, once you enjoy the natural scenery of Bukittinggi from Limpapeh Bridge, you can move on to the wildlife Park and Cultural Kinantan and Fort de Kock. There are a variety of animals that make us amused. When in Fort de Kock, we can take pictures with a cannon that was there. Actually beside close to Jam Gadang or Clock Tower, you can get easy access too into Pasar Atas from this spot. Once, you are in the wildlife park then go out through exit gate. There you will find the way into Pasar Atas as the center of songket weaving fabrics and a variety of souvenirs from Bukit Tinggi.

Therefore, if you have a visit to the city of Bukittinggi, do not forget to visit the Bridge Limpapeh as beautiful and attractive scenery awaits you there. Let's explore West Sumatra.


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