Visit Bandar Lampung : Muncak Hill.

Mount Muncak at Tirtayasa, Pesawaran, Lampung has become so popular among youngsters in Lampung with new attraction of sight seeing Lampung bay, as well as Bandar Lampung.  This tourist spot offers as a spectacular view of seascape surrounding Lampung in Pesawaran regency, apart from landscape over Bandar Lampung stretching from Teluk Betung to the slope area of Tanjung Karang.

Muncak area lies in the border between Bandar Lampung and Pesawaran regency. The hill in Muncak has the panorama spanning from Teluk Betung on the left side and seascape including islands consisting of Pasaran Island, Kubur Island, Tangkil Island, and Tegal Island. During clear sky, you can even have the view of Pahawang Islands, as well as the cluster of Islands surrounding Krakatoa.

The most interesting site in Mucak area is Villa Muncak Teropong Laut. To get into the compound, you need to pay Rp 5,000.0 per person. The site has been so well known  among youngsters in Bandar Lampung through social media for photo taking as well as sight seeing.

There is a number of photo spots here, you can take photos in tree house, house on stilts, wooden balcony, window, as well as other spots. 

Apart from photo taking, visitors can seat and enjoy light snacks. Enjoying beautiful panorama here and having a cup coffee is a pleasant moment in Muncak area. to get the best moment do not at the weekend as so many young people coming, at least 400 visitors per day during weekdays and double in the weekend. Visitors can come either in the morning or evening since this place is open every day from 06.00 to 22.00. 

It takes thirty minutes of driving from Bandar Lampung to Muncak Hill. To access the site, visitors can take Jalan RE Martadinata,Teluk Betung to Lempasing. Then, before reaching Tirtayasa Park, turn to the right and follow the ascending asphalt road up to SD. No.9 (a primary school) and turn left to take a stoned road around 500 meters to get to the site. Have a stunning panorama then.


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