Visit West Sumatera : Jam Gadang in Bukit Tinggi

Jam Gadang at night.

Jam Gadang is a clock tower lies in the heart of Bukit Tinggi, precisely in Jalan Parak Kubang No. 40, Guguk Panjang, Kota Bukittinggi,West Sumatera. Besides the Landmark of Bukit Tinggi, Jam Gadang, with the surrounding park called Sabai Nan Aluih Park, has also become iconic tourism destination in West Sumatera.The park becomes public space for interactions both on weekdays and on holidays. Events of a general nature are usually organized around the park near the clock tower. (

The Tower Clock stands 26 meters  with circle clock on four sides of the upper part. It was constructed in 1826 as a gift from the Queen of the Netherlands to Controleur or Secretary of Bukittinggi at the time, Rook Maker. So, it ages more than 180 years. Its construction was completed by architect Yazin and Sutan Dental Ameh and development costs 'gift' reached 3,000 guilders, which was considered fantastic at the time.

The uniqueness of this clock monument is the mistake in the writing of  the clock number for "IV". Instead of "IV", it was written as "IIII".  No one knows whether it was a mistake of a deliberate one.
But some thing for sure, it is made only two in the World even until nowadays, the other one is the Big Ben  in London, England. 

Nearby, there is also a well-known market called Pasar Atas, the center of commerce in Bukit Tinggi. This market is usually crowded on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Various goods sold in this market, ranging from vegetables and fruits, clothing to a wide variety of crafts such as weaving, silver, up socks and clothes that show the image of Minangkabau. Everything is sold at bargain prices.

Last but not least, Istana Bung Hata is just the opposite of this iconic destination. Istana Bung Hatta is the official residence of  ex-vice president of Indonesia Muhammad Hatta. Bung Hatta Bukittinggi palace is now used as a venue for the President, Vice President and Country Guest who visit West Sumatra, and also used as the multipurpose building of the State.

Come and Stop by when you are in West Sumatera.


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