Visit Museums in Jakarta : Museum Wayang in The Old City of Jakarta.

Wayang Museum in The Old City of Jakarta.

The Wayang Museum is a museum dedicated to Javanese puppetry. The museum is located in Kota Tua, Jakarta in the same complex of Fatahilla Square , which include Jakarta History Museum, Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, and Kota Post Office art gallery.This museum lies at Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No. 27 Jakarta Barat.

Puppet Museum building was originally an old church VOC established in 1640 under the name 'de oude Hollandsche Kerk'. Until 1732 the building served as a place of worship civilian population and Dutch soldiers who lived in Batavia.In 1733 the church was restored and renamed the "de Nieuwe Hollandsche Kerk" which stood until 1808. In the courtyard of the church, which is now a open park of the Puppet Museum, there are nine inscriptions which display the names of officials Dutch ever buried in the church yard.

As a result of the earthquake, the Dutch church building was damaged. Furthermore, in these locations rebuilt a building that functioned as a warehouse belonging to the company Geo Wehry & Co. The front of the museum was built in 1912 with Noe Reinaissance style, and in 1938 the entire building was renovated and adapted to the style of the Colonial Dutch house at the time.
On August 14 1936 building and land is set to be a monument. Subsequently purchased by Royal Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences (BG) is an independent agency that aims to promote research in the field of art and science, especially in the fields of biology, physics, archaeology, literature, ethnology and history, and publishes the results. In 1937 the agency handed over the building to the Stichting oud Batavia and later converted into a museum with the name "de oude Bataviasche Museum" or the museum of the Old Batavia is the opening made by the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies last, Jonkheer Meester Aldius Warmoldu Lambertus Tjarda van Starkenborg Stachouwer, on December 22 1939.

Museum Wayang displays a variety of wayang and dolls from Indonesia and abroad. The museum has a collection of various kinds of wayang, such as wayang kulit and wayang golek. In the ground floor, visitors will find wayang golek from West Java, as well as famous doll Si Unyil. while in the second floor, visitors are presented with a collection of  wayang kulit (Leather Puppet) from a number of areas in Indonesia including various collections of wayang and dolls from countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Suriname, China, Vietnam, France, India and Cambodia.

The museum also shows gamelan sets, wayang sculptures, as well as wayang paintings. Inside the museum is the plate marking the tombstone of. Jan Pieterszoon Coen,wayang theater and a workshop of wayang-making is periodically organised in the museum. Wayang performance is held weekly on Sunday in wayang theater.

The Schedule of Wayang Performance in Museum Wayang.


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