Visit Museums in Jakarta: Kite Museum.

In Indonesia, Kite Museum is the only museum that collects kites, as well as being the third museum in the world after China and Malaysia. The museum was founded by Endang W. Puspoyo on March 21, 2003 as an effort to preserve the culture of traditional kites in Indonesia.
Joglo-shaped Kite Museum.
The building is like joglo so often called the cultural house. The layout of the museum is very strategic, in Pondok Labu, South Jakarta. In it there are many different types of kites collections scattered around the area of ​​the museum complex. The collection includes various types of kites of the archipelago and abroad.
A various shape of kite collection.
Among the collection are the kites of Dandang Bini and Laki Dandang which is a pair of traditional kites from South Kalimantan; the typical kite  from North Sulawesi made from dried banana leaves; the kite of Hornbills from East Kalimantan; palm leaf kites from Bali; or the kite of Goang from Sumbawa. There are also large-sized kite-shaped fish, wagon, birds, dragonflies, puppets, and the spider.
Fish-shaped Kite.
The museum also offers other unique activities, such as watching a video about the kite, to make a kite. There are also additional activities that could be selected by visitors, including kite painting, making ceramics, painting ceramics, painted umbrellas, mini puppet painting, painting T-shirts, painted fan, fan paint, painted lanterns, and learning batik.


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