Visit Museums in Jakarta : Museum Bank Mandiri

Museum of Bank Mandiri.

Established on October 2, 1998, Mandiri Museum occupies an area of ​​10 039 m2, and is formerly the building of Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM) or Factorji Batavia which is owned by the Dutch trading company that later evolved into the company in the banking field.

Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM) was nationalized in 1960 and became one of the office building of Farmers and Fishermen Cooperative Bank (BKTN) Import Export Affairs. Then, along with the birth of the Export-Import Bank Indonesia (Exim Bank) on December 31, 1968, the building was turned into the headquarters of Bank Export Import (Exim Bank), until finally the legal merger Exim Bank and Bank Dagang Negara (BDN), Bank Bumi Daya ( BBD) and Bank Pembangunan Indonesia (Bapindo) into Bank Mandiri (1999), then the building became assets of Bank Mandiri.

The Building of Museum of Bank Mandiri (ex-Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij (NHM)) was designed by three Dutch architect , J.J.J. de Bruyn, A.P. Smits and C. van de Linde. This building was built in 1929 and on January 14, 1933 was officially opened by C. J Karel Van Aalst, the 10th President of NHM. These ex-NHM building looks solid the  architecture of Niew Zakelijk or Art Deco Classic.

The museum collection consists of various collections related to banking activity "old days" and its development, ranging from the collection owned by banks operating supplies, securities, ancient currency (numismatic), deposit boxes, and others.

The Collection of operational equipment bank "old days" is unique, among others, is the coffers, money counting machines mechanics, calculator, machine bookkeeping, printing machines, tools pres bundle, seals press, safe deposit box as well as various securities such as deposit slips, sertikat deposits, checks, bonds, and stocks. In addition, ornamental buildings, interiors and furniture museum is pristine as when it was founded.

Jl. Lapangan Stasiun No. 1 (In front of Stasiun Kota) Jakarta Kota

Tel. : (021) 5275577

Fax. : (021) 5274477


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