Visit Museums in Jakarta: Museum Bahari.

Marine Museum.
Museum Bahari or Maritime Museum is a museum that houses special collections relating to maritime of Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke located across Sunda Kelapa Harbor. Maritime Museum store 126 collections of maritime history objects. Especially, ships and boats of traditional commerce. Among the dozens of miniatures on display are 19 original collection of boats and 107 pieces of miniatures, photographs and other marine biota.

Traditional Boat, Cadik Nusantara.

    Thematically, the exhibition layout and information collection is divided into a number of space division, namely:

1. Space for Indonesian Fishermen
    Collection on display: miniature boats and equipment of fishery.

2. Space for fish catchmenr technology
    Collection on display: fishing rods, traps, and nets.

3. Space for traditional technology of shipbuilding
    Collection on display: technology and shipbuilding centers.

4. Space for  Marine Life
    Collection on display: various types of fish, shellfish, marine plants, and dugong.

5. Space for the Port of Jakarta from 1800 to 2000 (World Trade Center)
   Collection on display: artifacts relating to historical port in Jakarta in the range, including cannons, ceramics, and the fort.

6. Space for  Navigation
    Collection on display: the compass, telescope, and a number of navigation aids.

7. Space for Steamship of Indonesia-Europe
     Collection on display: photographs document the first steamboat voyage from Europe to Asia.

Facilities available at this museum as the security post, a parking lot, two ticket booth (located in the main museums and museum Shah Bandar), and office manager. There are also toilet facilities, mosque, cafes nautical, theater / audiovisual room, a center for visitors to rest, and public phones can be used directly by the visitors. The visitors can also attend the programs offered by the museum each year, such as counseling museum, ambassador of nautical tourism, fish passer fair, and a variety of exhibits.


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