Visit Museum in Jakarta : Museum Ditengah Kebun

Museum Di Tengah Kebun is a private museum belonging to Syahrial Djalil, in the South Kemang area. The address of the museum is at Jl. Kemang Timur Raya Nomor No.66, RT.7/RW.3, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12730,Telepon:(021) 7196907.

In 2013 the museum received an award as the best private museum of Museum Award.The museum building of houses. In 2009, registered to be authenticated at notaries as a museum, the main building has an area of ​​700 m2 and consists of 17 rooms, while the garden area of ​​3500 m2. 

The rooms are there in this museum has a unique name, such as Majapahit Lounge; Ganesha space; Dewi Sri space; Loroblonyo space; Japanese Mari space; Space Lion Garuda; Wilhelm space; Space Ming Dynasty; and Space Prehistory.

Most of the objects collection Syahril Djalil obtained through the auction of various cities in Australia, USA, Hong Kong and Europe. The collections have come from more than 63 countries and 26 provinces in Indonesia.

Total collections owned by the museum numbered about 4,000. Approximately 2,414 high-value collection on display spread over the house and garden. Among the collection are objects stick Javanese kings and Europe; Giant bee fossil found in Sangiran, Central Java; fossilized sea shells from the Jurassic period; old tree fossils 248 million years BC; statue of Bodhisattva Wajrapani of Central Java; Amphora Terakonta vessel dating back to 4800 BC; as well as the statue of a horse from the Tang Dynasty, China 19th century

If you want to visit the museum and the park to see objects collection, visitors must first replace the footwear worn with sandals that are already provided by the museum. To be able to enter the museum, visitors are not charged any fees. If you want to go in and see the collections inside the museum, visitors must make reservations in advance to the manager of the museum.

You must have an entourage of at least seven people and a maximum of 10 people to be able to enter the museum. Visiting hours must be specified in advance and negotiated with the manager of the museum.


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