Visit Lampung 2017: Pahawang Island, A Destination of Marine Enthusiasts.

If only you could fly and look down to southern tip of Sumatra Island, surely you would marvel at the Lampung gulf. Lampung Gulf, or Teluk Lampung, indeed, is so beautiful dotted with so many adorable islands, one of which is Pahawang Island. Pahawang Island is considered a "must" destination if you are marine enthusiasts as Pahawang island has become a new prime tourist destination in  Lampung province, following the success of the Gulf Kiluan with dolphins attractions, as well as Tanjung Setia, which has become the talks of the World as a surfing paradise in western coast of Lampung Province.
Stunning view of Sunset at the port of Pahawang Besar Island, Lampung.
Administratively, Pahawang Island lies in the District of Punduh Padada, Pasawaran Regency,Lampung. Pahawang Island occupies an area of 1.084 Ha and has six hamlets, namely Suakbuah, Penggetahan, Jeralangan, Kelompok, Pahawang and Cukuhnyai with occupants of 1 533 inhabitants. 

Actually, a cluster of Pahawang Island comprise of many islands including Pahawang Kecil or Small Pahawang, Coral Island, as well as Kelagian Island, as well as Pahawang Besar Island. There are many snorkeling spots around the island. One of them there is a fishing boat that sank. The ship was so hideouts of fish and other marine animals. 

The underwater life surrounding this island is so diverse as there are many kinds of coral, fish, and marine plants. There are many types of clown fish :  Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish, Amphiprion clarkii, Premnas biaculeatus and Amphiprion frenatus and also various type of anemone. While in Tanjung Putus Island, Besides clownfish anemone, you will find Parrotfishes, Rabbitfishes, and  many type of Butterflyfishes  including Heniochus diphreutes, Heniochus varius, dan Heniochus chrysostomus. 

In Small Pahawang Island, you will find Taman Nemo or Anemon Garden. This spot is under managent by local people. It's good to know the involvement of local people around the islands of Pahawang out of their awareness that the islands are tourist destinations which has become their livelihood and need to be preserved rather than damaged. So fishermen here began transplanting corals at this location, breeding sea anemone.

Source: cited from a number of sources 


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