Visit Batam City, Riau Islands : Barelang Bridge.

Barelang Bridge, Batam City.
Barelang Bridge is the bridge that connects islands namely Pulau Batam, Pulau Tonton, Pulau Nipah, Pulau Rempang, Pulau Galang Dan Pulau Galang Baru. The bridge is popular as with the name of Barelang which stands for Batam, Rempang, Galang and Galang baru, but it is sometimes called the bridge of Habibi as he initiated the construction of the bridge to facilitate the three islands that are designed to be developed into industrial areas in the Riau Islands.

Barelang bridge has become an icon of Batam, even been popular as the landmark of Batam Island. The bridge is frequently visited by local and foreign tourists, particularly at the weekends local visitors flocking the bridge to enjoy beautiful scenery surrounding area.

Barelang bridge is a high-tech pilot project that involved hundreds of engineers Indonesia without interference from foreign experts. Built to expand the working area of the Batam Authority (OB) as a regulator of the industrial area of Batam Island. Trans bridge builders Barelang been sucking budget Batam Authority (OB) of Rp 400 billion that was built in the past six years (1992-1998). Six pieces of this magnificent bridge is a vital project as a link Trans Barelang stretching along 54 kilometers.The Barelang bridge consists of six bridges Barelang :
  • Tengku Fisabilillah bridge (bridge I), which is the largest bridge;
  •  Nara Lion Bridge (Bridge II);
  •  Raja Ali Haji bridge (bridge III);
  •  Sultan Zainal Abidin bridge (bridge IV);
  •  Tuanku Tambusai bridge (bridge V);
  •  Raja Kecik Bridge (bridge VI).


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