Visit Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan : Pasar Terapung.

When in Banjarmasin, it is worth visiting a unique attraction of Pasar Terapung or floating market on Barito river which is considered among the longest rivers in Indonesia.  Most tourists, both domestic and foreign,will never miss this daily morning event which is difficult to find else where in Indonesia. Generally they really enjoy the sightseeing trip because in addition to the floating markets, tourists also enjoy the life of the people residing along the watersheds whose houses are all made of wood.

Floating Market at Barito River is traditional floating market located on the Barito river , Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.Traders and buyers are using jukung or boat  in Banjar language to sell and buy goods. The market begins after dawn prayers until after seven in the morning and no more activities afterward. 

It is called floating market because buying and selling transactions carried out in boats . Goods sold almost the same as the existing markets in the mainland which are generally daily needs of food, such as fish, vegetables, and fruits.In the floating market, vendors are there too selling prepared foods, such as coffee, tea, cake, rice for breakfast with a variety of menus, such as soto banjar, fried fish, and satay.

To go to the floating market that is in the Village area Kuin Alalah, North Banjarmasin that visitors should come early in the morning to the harbor in the village of North Kuin or precisely located in front of the Sultan Mosque Suriansyah.


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