Mount Merapi Lava Tour in Jogjakarta

Jeeps of Lava Tour.

Mount Merapi (peak altitude of 2930 m above sea level, as of 2010) is a volcano in the central part of Java Island and is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. South side slope lie in the administrative district of Sleman, Yogyakarta, and the rest  in the region of Central Java province, namely Magelang district on the west side, Boyolali district in the north and east, and Klaten district on the southeast side.

The Mount is very dangerous because, according to modern records it experiences eruption every two to five years and is surrounded by a very dense settlements. Since 1548, the mountain had erupted 68 times. Magelang and Yogyakarta is the nearest large town, is under 30 km from the summit. On the slopes there is still a settlement to an altitude of 1700 m and is just four kilometers from the summit. Because of this importance, Merapi became one of sixteen world volcanoes  included in the project of Decade Volcanoes. 

The two eruptions of Mount Merapi in the last decade -2006 and 2010-has devastated the surrounding settlement including National Park Mount Merapi. Kaliadem is among heavily impacted by the two eruption.After the eruption of Merapi in 2006 and 2010, the face Kaliadem has changed which was once a green area of campground with a very wide expanse of land. The area is now buried by former Merapi lava and used for Merapi Lava Tour Kaliadem. You can see from nearby Mount Merapi eruption waste materials and can watch a bunker shelters that claimed the lives of two volunteers.

The Lava Tour  is expected to make tourists  understand how powerful the eruption of Mount Merapi was. Besides, With lava tour, tourists can see the peak of Mount Merapi with a visibility of about 2 km. Mountain altitude is 2,965 m above sea level emitting sulfate fumes that can never stop rising from the crater.

Kaliadem that was once a campground equipped with facilities such as basecamp climbing, substation view, food stalls, toilets and mosque now the buildings were buried and only visible on some parts of the building that once there has been destroyed.

Other Merapi malignancy we can see is a bunker for hideout the volunteers at the times. The bunker actually built for protection when the time Merapi spewing hot clouds. However eruption, in 2006, in addition to spewing hot clouds also spewing material in the form of sand and hot rocks are able to topple Geger Boyo Hill (hill located to the south of Merapi, so that Kaliadem submerged).

As a result of the hot material stockpiled bunker 3 m thick with the heat of about 1000 ° C. Although the bunker is made of 25 cm thick concrete and iron door, but the heat received so big that it could get into the lead two volunteers died of heat. A volunteer found dead soaking in the tub, while another was killed in front of the iron door.

The bunker has now been cleaned and painted white, in front of the bunker door there is an inscription tells the history of the bunker. A Visit at night in Kaliadem will be very interesting because tourists can see molten lava down a lava dome. It's just that this scene can be seen at night.

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