Hot Spring Water, Way Belerang in Kalianda, South Lampung.

Way Belerang, Kalianda, Lampung.
Another tourism attraction in the province on the southernmost of Sumatra in Way Belerang, Kalianda, South Lampung. Way Belerang is situated in on the foot of Mount Rajabasa making the area cooler and five kilometers away from Kalianda City. Way Belerang is under the management of Dinas Pariwisata dan ekonomi Kreatif , South Lampung Regency.

Way Belerang can be accessed through Kalianda City directly from Sumatra Highway connecting between Bakauheni and Bandar Lampung. Kalianda City is around 65 kms away or approximately two hour driving from Bandar Lampung. The driving route can starts from the Soekarno-Hatta Road (By Pass) and then to the Sumatra highway up to the Kalianda city with the landmark of Diamond Mosque or Masjid Intan on the right side.
The gate into Way Belerang.
When reached Kalianda city at the intersection of Kalianda city, close to Diamond Mosque, then turn the vehicle to the right toward the office of South Lampung Regent. from the intersection we would travel as far as  five kilometers to the location of the hot spring Sulfur water, Way Belerang, South Lampung. The road condition is smooth made of asphalt, you will need to ask the direction to local people to indicate the location of the thermal baths.

To get into the hot spring locations, visitors are only charged at a rate of IDR 5,000 - 10,000 per-person. It is distinguished from the age, children or adults, and is also seen from the types of vehicles that enter the motorcycle or car.

Apart from having fun by thermal bathing in Way Belerang, many people come here to this tourism object to cure skin diseases or dermatitis problems. So when you are on journey and happened to be on the way to or from Bakauheni, do not hesitate to stop by


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