Visit Tour de Singkarak (TDF) 2016 in West Sumatera, Indonesia.


According 2016 UCI cycling calendar in Asia Tour 2016,Tour de Singkarak (TDF) will again be held on August 6 ( The International bicycle racing event is promised to be held more professional and the most spectacular ever. The Opening and Start of the first stage will be from Singkarak Lake (TDS icon) and finish (final stage) in the city of Padang on August 14, 2016.

The local government in each stage will hold distinct events to celebrate this international event and help promote tourism destinations in its respective locality. In addition, for the first time in 2016 TDS will also be enlivened with culinary festival in Padang on August 3 to 4 a city tour in Bukittinggi.

The even is  followed by 25 teams, divided into 19 teams from overseas and six teams from the local team. Actually,  there are 45 teams of local and international signed up but followed only by 25 teams.  The teams  from abroad coming from Asia, Australia and Africa. Such as Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Korea, Japan Australia, Iran Arab Emirates, the Philippines, China and Kenya.
For the opening will begin on August 6, 2016 in Solok toward Payakumbuh, the second stage in Limapuluh Koto to Tanah Datar. The third stage starts from Pasaman to Pasaman Barat. The fourth stage begins in Padang Panjang towards Agam. Fifth stage starts from the South Coast to Kota Pariaman, starting the sixth stage of Padangpariaman to Sawahlunto.Then, starting from the seventh stage Sijunjung towards Dharmasraya and on August 13, 2016 is a day of rest game.The eight stage is the final stage on Sunday, August 14 starting from Bukittinggi to the city of Padang. 

Source: from a number of local papers in West Sumatera.


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