Visit Tourist Destinations in Banda Aceh : Putro Phang Park

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Taman Putroe Phang
Putroe Phang Park, located in the sultan's palace complex in Banda Aceh. This park is made for the Empress Sultaan Iskandar Muda named Putroe Phang which means Princess of Pahang, which is derived from Pahang, Malaysia.

In the park there is a unique building, called Gunongan, made to resemble a hill - hill located in Pahang, Malaysia. The building was made at the request of the Empress himself, who always miss hometown, Pahang. That said, because too love the Emperor to his wife, the Sultan ordered the construction of the structure's history in the middle of the field Khayali (Castle Park) as a token of his love. 

Sultan interest to the Empress not only on beauty alone, an aura of intelligence Putroe Phang also admirable. In addition, Phang Putroe was appointed as government advisor with expertise in making laws about girls. Therefore, Sultan build Gunongan to treat miss princess. Until now, the structure's history can still be seen and visited.


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