Radja Ampat, Tourist Destination with Superb Attractions in West Papua.

Raja Ampat Islands is a tourist destination located in Papua region. Raja Ampat archipelago is the best tourist destinations in the province of West Papua.This destination is well known throughout the world for its stunning natural beauty.  

Karts Land forms Heritage Site of Painemu, Radja Ampat.

One form of popularity of attractions in Raja Ampat is with the documentary made by Avant Premiere entitled "Edis Paradise 3", in which the film tells the beauty of the underwater world of Raja Ampat in the area of Papua, which this tour is also dubbed as a World Oceans Amazon region. The nickname was given because of the location of these sites is in the center of world coral triangle. 

Tourism Destinations of Raja Ampat Islands are territorial region of West Papua, which is a group of islands that spread is from about 610 islands, but only 35 islands are inhabited by a population. Raja Ampat is the island group consisting of four main islands that are unique in this area to travel as tourist destinations : Batanta, Misool, Salawati and Waigeo.

Raja Ampat islands offer many charms of biodiversity, which is arguably quite abundant. Here you can find about 540 species of coral and 1,511 species of fish. 75% of coral species are found all over the world are here, which is around 10 times the number of coral species has ever been found throughout the Caribbean. You'll also find 27 species of fish that exist only steps here. In addition here too there are five species of sea turtles step, 13 species of marine mammals, and 57 species of mantis shrimp. So you can imagine the uniqueness offered by this tourist destination.

Natural Attractions of Coral Islands in Radja Ampat.
The charm of the beautiful view of the sea, which can be viewed both from below and above the ocean will hypnotize you. For that you should not miss a precious moment in time to visit there. This condition is supported by the structure of the soil is endemic, as well as the cultural wealth of marine life and the wisdom of the local population. As for activities you can do here is as follows:

1. Exploring the Raja Ampat islands by boat. 

2. Kayak Game.
3. Diving to see the remnants of wreckage under the sea. 

4. Enjoy the beauty of the coral islands (karst) around Wayag.
5. Visiting typical red bird of paradise of West Papua. 
6. Fishing with  Papua traditions. 
7. Feed the polecat.
8. Exploring the bat caves (not bat varieties Dark Knight).
9. Make a wooden sculpture yourself guided by Asmat craftsmen.
10. Snorkeling.11. Trekking to discover waterfalls.



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