Experience and Enjoy Jungleland Adventure Theme Park In Sentul Nirwana,Bogor.

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park is an international outdoor theme park in Indonesia located at Nirwana Sentul, Bogor. Jungleland has an area of 35 hectares, and has a wide range of games of adventure that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. 

Have you ever heard of tourist attractions Jungleland in Bogor? Jungleland has a different concept with an outdoor theme park that already exist, one of which is designed in the cool mountain air and has a clean and fresh, and very easily accessible to visitors, from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Bekasi or Jabotakek and outside the city.

Jungleland consists of five zones, namely Zone Downtown, Carnival, Explora, Tropicalia, Mysteria, with 41 rides, 20 attractions, parades, and Science Centre which is the largest in Indonesia. Each zone has its own uniqueness, Zona Downtown are equipped with a variety of cafe and resto which is famous for building with very unique and thematic designs. 

Zone Carnival is equipped with a variety of games and entertainment such as Home Jelangkung, adventure giant swing Lightning to 45 people who will swing up to 105 degrees, a giant platter disco that will sway with a slope of 45 degrees, or Hihiberan which will bring you to fly rotate 360 ​​degrees, seemed driving a fighter plane.  

Especially for children, Jungleland has prepared Tropicalia zone with the concept of tropical forests. In this zone, children can play as much with games adapted to children and families, such as the swing-swinging, dollhouse family Tropicalia which will be explained on vegetables and fruits, as well as other games.  

While at the Explora Zone, visitors can enjoy a variety of rides related to education, such as biology lab in which there are a wide variety of biological experiments, insectarium, and others where visitors can learn about various aspects of science while playing and having fun.

Jungleland also has amphitheater and fountain show presenting a spectacular show with a dazzling attractions of the laser beam and the background silhouette of the giant temple. 

Five rides in Jungleland is the first time present in Indonesia namely Discos, Hihiberan, Prehistoric Expedition, Octopus Dance, and speeding ride. Speeding ride is also a vehicle for the longest car race in Indonesia with a path length of 700 meters.

Access road into the theme park is easy. Visitors can take toll road Jagorawi and exit into Sentul City before reaching exit to Bogor through Bus Terminal Baranang Siang.

How much does it cost you to get into the Jungleland Adventure Theme Park? If you are locals of Indonesian, the you are charges as follows:

     Weekdays (Monday - Thursday) | Rp. 165 thousand / person
     Splashy Friday | Rp. 100 thousand / person (Friday Rookery not valid in High Season and red dates)
     Weekend (Saturday - Sunday) | Rp. 220 thousand / person
     Holiday Season | Rp. 250 thousand / person (July 2 to July 17 and December 17, 2016 - January 1, 2017)
     Free admission for visitors who Jungleland birthday by showing ID card / driving license etc.

But for foreigners, then the following prices apply:

     Weekdays (Monday - Friday) | Rp. 200 thousand / person
     Weekend (Saturday - Sunday) | Rp. 250 thousand / person
     Holiday Season | Rp. 300 thousand / person (July 2 to 17 and Dec. 17, 2016 - January 1, 2017)

Operational hours :

     Monday - Thursday opens at 10.00 s / d 17:00 pm; Friday at 10.00 s / d 18:00 pm
     Saturday - Sunday opens at 09.00 s / d 18:00 pm

Parking Ticket Prices

     Motorcycle the first hour Rp. 2000, Max 12 Hours Rp. 10,000; 

     Car  the first hour Rp. 3000, Max 12 Hours Rp. 20,000
     Bus Rp. 40,000 for one parking

For more information visit www.jungleland.co.id


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