Collective Memories Of Krakatau Eruption August 27, 1883: 26th Krakatau Festival 2016.

Anak Gunung Krakatau, or the son of Mount Krakatau, today.
 Modern history records the Krakatoa eruption in August 27 1883 as one of the most deadly volcanic eruptions in recent times. It took the life of more than 36,000 people. Many died as a result of thermal injury from the blasts and many more were victims of the tsunamis that followed the collapse of the volcano into the caldera below sea level.

After more than a century, people in the southern part of Sumatera island, now administratively known as Lampung province,  preserve collective memories of the catastrophic event through oral traditions as well literature works. In the policy context,  Krakatau Festival is intentionally held by the provincial government of Lampung to pass on the pooled information of the eruption and the aftermaths to younger generation in Indonesia in general, Lampung province in particular.

Krakatau Festival is an annual celebration held by the Provincial Government of Lampung to  promote the culture, traditions, as well as the potential of tourism in the province of Lampung. Krakatau Festival is held since 1991 with the aim to celebrate or commemorate the eruption event of Krakatoa in 1883 which was reportedly sounded to a radius of 4500 km and took about 36,000 casualties and eruptive cloud spread to the European continent. From the devastating events that then, the government of Lampung Province to commemorate the historic momentum by showcasing the culture, traditions, and the tourism potential of Lampung.

The 26th Krakatau Festival is held from 14 to 28 August 2016 the Government of Lampung Province  with a series of activities including: Lampung Food Festival, Festival Archipelago Adventurer V, Extreme Fishing, Festival Opening Ceremony Krakatau, Tour Krakatau, Lampung Culture and Tapis Carnaval VI. The Agenda of Krakatau Festival 2016 is as follows :

1. Lampung Food Festival.This event is a food exhibition event to be held in London on August 14, 2016 by the Provincial Government of Lampung;

2. Adventurers Festival Nusantara V. This event is an event organized by the Provincial Government of Lampung to collect the adventurous in the whole country as a platform to meet and exchange experiences and to follow the adventure together. This event will be held on 15-17 August 2016 at the Trump-Krakatau;

3. Extreme Fishing. Extreme Fishing is a new event in the Festival Krakatau in Lampung province held by the government to show what it feels the pull of the fish in Lampung waters. This event will be held on 18 to 19 August 2016 Aquatic Lampung;

4. Opening Ceremony Festival Krakatau. This event is the opening of the Krakatau Festival 26 by offering traditional dances Lampung, Lampung creation dance and others as well as the beating of gongs as a symbol of the opening of the Krakatau  Festival 26. This event will be held in Bandar lampung on August 26, 2016;

5. Krakatau Tour.This tour is one of the main series of events serving as Marine tourism and introduce natural and cultural beauty of the Lampung bay is an effort to attract both local and foreign tourists. This event will be starting at Kalianda and cruise to the Mount of Anak Krakatau on 27th August, 2016.

6. Lampung Culture & "Tapis" Carnival VIThis event is the culmination of Krakatau Festival is a carnival involving a variety of traditions and cultures Lampung. This event will be held in the city of Bandar Lampung on August 28, 2016. The Carnival will be a closing event of Krakatau Festival XXIV and claimed to provide entertainment full of culture and traditions of the community elements of Lampung Province.Because only at the carnival event the public can see the fashion creations of fantasy that puts the "Tapis" fabric as their inspiration. They will feature fantasy fashion creations of "Tapis"  loaded with cultural splendor of Lampung.

Source: Dinas Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif Provinsi lampung.


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