Visit Tourist Destinations in Ciwidey, Bandung, West Java.

Ciwidey is a district in Bandung, West Java Province, Indonesia.This district is located in the south of Bandung. It is adjacent to Cianjur, with an access road that penetrates the southern Cianjur area.Ciwidey known as a tourist destination, and also as a regional agricultural products and plantation. 

The most famous tourist attractions in Ciwidey is Kawah Putih or white crater in Rancabali. In fact,
It is not complete  visiting Ciwidey without a stop at the White crater. Now, at 44 km from Bandung, you can find Kawah Putih Ciwidey, precisely in Rancabali. With enchanting scenery, white lake water mixed with a slightly greenish white limestone is a soothing treat. Be prepared to pay Rp 15,000.0 per person for entrance ticket. And also Rp 15,000.0 for parking four-wheeled vehicles. Besides Kawah Putih, or white crater, her are  a number of other tourist attractions in Ciwidey :

1. Situ Patenggang
If departing from the city of Bandung, then you at least had to be around 47 km from the tourist attractions in this Ciwidey. It is located in the south of Bandung, this place is a tourist spot that presents the beauty of the lake. Here you can enjoy the scenery by boat you know. To rent a boat, you have to pay approximately Rp150,000.0 to 250,000.0, depending on the capacity of the boat you want.

A travel like this is suitable for you who brought the group of family or friends because Situ Patenggang proved to be the most favorite tourist destination for vacationers. To enter, you must pay the entrance fee of Rp 15,000.0 rupiah per person. For parking fees, car or minibus and bus is Rp 11,000.0 and Rp 22,000.0 for parking.

2. Tea Garden Rancabali
If you want to bypass the holiday is not only entertainment but also fitting to seek knowledge, then the tea gardens in Rancabali, Ciwidey this is the right answer. Besides the sights that will make eyes so fresh again, by adding 30,000 Rupiah course, you can use the services of a tour guide and start a full tour of your knowledge here.You can see the direct knowledge of planting, breeding, how to open land, maintain, picking, cutting right to cultivate tea. To get into these places, you have to pay a ticket for 5,000 Rupiah only. Suitable for outdoor activities with the kids, especially the location of the garden is easily accessible from Bandung.

3. Strawberry Garden
Want to direct picking strawberries? Or want to know how the shape of a strawberry tree directly? In the garden that is located in Alam Endah, you can enjoy the expanse of strawberry fields and can immediately reap the harvest of strawberries.Moreover, with the cool air and invigorating scenery that you will get, a visit to the strawberry fields will be a memorable experience. Also not to be missed is you can pick and eat strawberries directly.

4. Thermal Baths Cimanggu 
Looking for tourist destinations that can make you come back with a fresh condition and fit again? You can get hot water bathing in Cimanggu. Located not far from Bandung, is only about 45 km away. You can take the path from Ciwidey to Pangalengan if you want to where these baths. Imagine, you enjoy a hot tub with a view of the expanse of tea gardens refreshing? Surely you go home with the body and mind fresh.

5. Baths Walini
In addition to thermal bath in Cimanggu, there is also at Walini which not only provide hot water directly from a natural source, but there is also a slide rides for children. If you go to Situ Patenggang , you can drop into this hot water bath because it is not too far away. In addition, it's also there in the tea garden Walini, so you can enjoy the beauty and the cool Walini tea plantaion as well.

6. Camping Site Ranch Upas
It is not far from Kawah Putih, the village of Alam Endah. If you depart from the city of Bandung, then you must travel about 56 km to get to this place. Only with Rp10,000.o per person, you can enjoy a tour at Ranch Upas. This place is suitable for you who want to camp, you can rent equipment or bring their own from home.


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