Visit National Park in Kepulauan Seribu, DKI Jakarta.

Aerial View of Thousand Islands at Jakarta Bay.
Kepulauan Seribu is a collection of hundreds of islands in the Jakarta Bay. Administratively, Kepulauan Seribu is a regency under DKI (Special Region) of Jakarta covering an area of totaling 7.005,76 km sq consisting of islands with a total area of 8,71 km sq and sea waters of 6,997 km sq. 

In the district, there is a national park called  Taman Nasional Kepulauan Seribu to conserve ecosystem of marine life in Kepulauan Seribu . As the area is mostly covered in water and there are the conservation zone, it is not surprising when the development of the district with more emphasis on the development of marine aquaculture and tourism.

Thousand Islands Marine National Park is a nature conservation area in the form of land and water covering an area of ​​107 489 hectares declared in 2002 by decree of the Minister of Forestry N0.6310 / Kpts-II / 2002. In the Thousand Islands Marine National Park are the natural resources in the form of a diversity of plants and animals and their ecosystems, unique and has managed with the zoning system. The national park is needed because :
  • Ecosystems are typically island ecosystems which are very small and shallow marine waters in the form of coastal forests, seagrass beds and coral reefs;
  • Ecosystems are unique for being "home" for a variety of wildlife and endangered animals either protected or not protected like Eagles " Bondol", white belly sea eagle, Hawks-bill Turtle, Green Turtle, Kima and various kinds of fish consumption;
  • The Ecosystems are still intact and original, with an area sufficient to sustain life naturally, as a representative of the ecosystem as Jakarta;
  • The presence of these ecosystems provide a buffer (barrier) natural for the State Capital Jakarta

The existence of these islands as a destination of  marine and beach tourism has been recognized both by domestic and foreign tourists.  Although Kepulauan Seribu literally means thousand islands, in fact,there are only 110 islands out there. Out of these islands, 11 islands populated and 10 islands are designated as tourist destinations. 

Tourist destinations in Kepulauan Seribu are Pulau Putri, Pulau Kotok,Pulau Tidung, Pulau Semak Daun, Pulau Bira, Pulau Pari, Pulau Harapan, Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Pramuka, and Pulau Ayer. Here are islands of destination you can visit in Kepulauan Seribu.

1. Pulau Putri

Pulau Putri is the most remote islands besides Pulau Patara, that is not less interesting to visit among the Thousand Islands. Just like other neighboring islands, on the island we can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea in the dazzling Marine National Park at the Thousand Islands. Pulau Putri has a quite complete array of  facilities including jetty, restaurant and meeting, cottages, swimming pool,tennis court, undersea tunnel aquarium, glass bottom boat, and sunset boat. Pulau Putri is also equipped with water sport facilities such as kano, banana boat, water bike, and dive shop.

Cottages in Pulau Putri
In Pulau Putri, there are already several cottages that can be used for overnight tourists.  Tourists on the island could see beautiful view of the sunset view from boat. Sunset boat on the island is often referred to as the "Sunset Cruise". If you want to enjoy the beauty of underwater life, you can watch them by viewing through undersea tunnel aquarium and glass bottom boat.

Tourists enjoying undersea life through glass bottom boat.

Undersea Aquarium.
Sunset Cruise at the jetty of Pulau Putri.

2.Pulau Tidung

tidung 2

Tidung is the most famous island in the thousand islands region. This place becomes a favorite of tourists with dazzling blue sea charm offered.Tidung consists of two parts, namely Pulau Besar and Pulau Tidung Small Tidung where the two parts are connected by a long bridge that people call the bridge of love. Tidung itself is most often used by some travel agents to offer travel packages. Tidung is a name of the village in the district of South Thousand Islands, South Thousand Islands district, DKI. Tidung island is about 3 hours from the Muara Angke pier.

3. Pulau Semak Daun

Pulau Semak Daun

Lovers of underwater life and lovers of silence seems to be required to come to this place. Semak Daun Island is another favorite place pick up by the hunters of white sand beaches in the Thousand Islands.Semak Daun Island is a small uninhabited island which is very fit for those who wanted to escape for a moment of tiresome in Jakarta. Set up tents and spend the night in this place will make you find the ease in which this time you are looking for. Here you can see the beautiful underwater life with snorkeling or diving. Take note yes, on this island there is no lodging. So, if you want to stay overnight on the island is obligatory to bring tents from home.

4. Pulau Bira

Pulau Bira

Bira Island is less visited by tourists so the atmosphere is still preserved and virgin. To get to the island is first you have to transit in Pramuka island after traveling about 3 hours from the pier Muara Angke. It does require a bit of a struggle to get to this island. But, what would you get is very comparable.In the Bira island you can see the beauty of underwater by diving and snorkeling. Natural atmosphere is really felt on this island. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the underwater panorama, sitting in the dock while enjoying the sunset on the island has also become an interesting activity. On the island of Bira there are some vintage style wooden house that you can use for overnight stay.

5. Pulau Pari

Pulau Pari

Many travel agencies that began to incorporate the island into vacation trip packages. Pari Island does offer the beauty that is not found elsewhere. On this island there is  accommodation that is usually already included in the holiday package.Besides enjoying the charm of white sandy beach, there is also a seaweed cultivation that can be visited. Snorkeling, diving, walking on the soft sand. All can be done in this one beautiful island. Pari Island also serve as a center of marine research by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

6. Pulau Harapan

Pulau Harapan

What would you get on Pulau Harapan is really as expected. A wooden bridge that can be used to sit back and hang your foot, blue sea of soothing the eyes, as well as the beauty of the underwater panorama is a few things that will you get here.In the Thousand Islands region, the island is known for its beautiful coral reefs that make divers linger in the water. Around the Harapan island, there is a sanctuary of the rare eagle Bondol.

7. Pulau Bidadari

Pulau bidadari

Pulau Bidadari is not too far from the mainland Jakarta, only 15 km away. From here we could watch Jakarta buildings that look like a miniature city. Pulau Bidadari region has a history that is quite important. One proof is the existence of defenses stood firm there.Pulau Bidadari around the island are also growing mangrove forests which adds to the charm of the island. According to the society in which this island was once often used as a vacation spot by Pangeran Jayakarta, and residents of the kingdom. So that the island is called the island of Apsara.

8. Pulau Pramuka

pulau pramuka

Pramuka Island is equally interesting to be a tourist destination. In this place you can get two things at once: Fun and science. In the Pramuka island but can enjoy the atmosphere of pleasant holiday at sea, you can also learn briefly about hawks bill because in this island there is a conservation of hawks bill turtles are classified as endangered species of sea turtles.

9. Pulau Ayer


The island has a nickname as the Pearl of the Thousand Islands. The position of the island is only about 14 km from Marina Ancol. The main attraction of the Ayer island  is where the cottage is located above the sea with ethnic style of  traditional Papua. Very cool. The sides of the beach in this island is equally cool.  Having vacation on the island gives you a feel of staying in Raja Ampat, Papua. Pulau Ayer started to have been visited since 1950. The Proclaimer Of Indonesian indepence, Bung Karno often makes this island as a place to rest. On this island can also be found lizard living freely.

10. Pulau Kotok

Kotok Island is one of the interesting dive sites in the Thousand Islands region. The vegetation on the island is still original. Underwater panorama in this island truly indulge divers. Kotok Island preserves its beauty because this island does not provide rides like the ones in Ancol such as banana boat, jet ski and the like. On this island there is a cottage located on a tree. From here we can see the splendor of ocean view in the Thousand Island, which makes anyone would not want to go home.

11. Pulau Sepa

pulau sepa

Sepa Island is suitable for day trips in the Thousand Islands region. This island is one of the destinations that tourists want to enjoy the charm of ocean travel, although not as famous as other islands in the Thousand Islands Region. Sepa Island is already managed as a tourist destination. There are already accomodation encountered on this island so you do not have to worry if you want to spend the night on the island. On the island of Sepa you can do various activities such as on other islands such as diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoy the sea breeze in a strange place, but cool.

12. Pulau Pantara

pulau pantara

Pantara Island is the most remote islands in the Thousand Islands region. However, the facilities that are there are very complete. The island offers resorts that can be booked by visitors. There is no travel package one day trip. Visitors who want to vacation here are required to stay.Although most distant, the facilities here are the most complete. Some of these facilities include cottages, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, meeting rooms, watersports, tennis courts and dive shop. This island is designed purely as a tourist destination.



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