The Extraordinary on Exhibition in Jakarta: Harry Darsono Musuem

Museum Harry Darsono

Museum Harry Darsono in South Jakarta.
Museum, located at Jalan Cilandak Central No. 71, South Jakarta, is the exclusive property of Harry Darsono. He is well known as a fashion designer not only in Indonesia, but also beyond the border of the country. Museum was built since 1996 and filled with 4,616 works, collected by Harry for 30 years.

In the baroque design of the luxury homes, Harry showed off thousands of his collection. From clothes of queens from around the world, one of the letters belonged to Albert Einstein, the desk of renowned author Ernest Hemingway, until the mask used for theater performances of  Phantom of the Opera.

The museum collections are not only just made up of high fashion clothing, but also silk painting, embroidery, costume jewelery and design stage to the interior. If you stepped inside, visitors can see a variety of collection belong to Harry. For example, the majority of stage costumes made of silk and contemporary classic style. The collection was never shown internationally, including the robes of kings and queens in the show King and Queen of Britain. There is also a pointed robes in per mat Romeo and Juliet to the armor in the staging of Julius Caesar.
The museum also imposed a strict set of rules for the visitors who come to enjoy the visit. For example, we have to come 15 minutes before the start of the tour, which usually starts at nine o'clock. There are also the rules on dress for a visit. Visitors are asked to make appointment first and dress casual plain color, without motive. For security reasons, visitors are also prohibited from communicating with the outside world during the visit.
All rules are applied to ensure the collection in good shape as requires by Insurers which help keep his work from being damaged.

This baroque-style museum was only opened to the public three times a week.Nevertheless, every visit will be made in the form of tour with the number of visitors between 12 to 18 people. No entry fee to enjoy this tour. You need to donate Rp 185,000 for children with disabilities and special needs nurtured by this museum. The last but not least, the tour will be guided by Harry Darsono himself, a luxury you will not find elsewhere. 

Source: collected from a number of sources except photograph.


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