Explore The Splendor of Surabaya, East Java: The 723rd Annyversary of Surabaya 2016 is coming around.

Surabaya anniversary is always held in May in every year. The annual even will be celebrated by the local government and the participants come all members of citizen and government staffs.

There will be parade for cultural and culinary events that can be attended in the venue. You can taste numbers of Surabaya dan East Java culinary menus, snacks and drinks.Many malls or plazas will hold Surabaya Shopping Festival with big discount on sales. This will be the most precious gift for shoppaholic.

The last but not least, there is festival on street like traditional fashion parade, Rujak Uleg festival as one of Surabaya traditional food, cultural night show and more.Here is the schedule of Surabaya anniversary will be held during May 2016 :

  • Health Surabaya Season 2016 (during May)Surabaya City Government will provide free health services to residents, such as eye examinations, laboratory tests. In addition, also provided nutrition consultation, blood donor, uric acid, cholesterol. Government hospitals and private hospitals will also provide health care to many discounts;
  • Surabaya Shopping Festival 2016 (01-31 May 2016)This event is the most awaited by the citizens of Surabaya, even by residents outside Surabaya. Many shopping centers provide a discount of up to 75%. This event will be held at Tunjungan Plaza, Delta Plaza, Royal Plaza. Many shoppers buy a lot of different clothes such as fabrics, shoes and so on. Most of the buyers in Hi - tech mall will buy a lot of laptops, computers and various accessories. For those of you, who are looking for a cheap and mobile gadgets, you can find it in Plaza Marina or WTC;
  • Surabaya Fashion Parade 2016 (11-15 May 2016)This event will be held at Tunjungan Plaza. This event invited famous designers will also be held a fashion show competition that will be followed by children and adults;
  • Culture and Parade Flower Parade Surabaya in 2016 (May 15, 2016)This event is the culmination of 723 years anniversary of Surabaya. Dozens of participants from the private and culture department also follows the parade and the parade of flowers. This parade will be displayed in car decorated by flowers and thousands of carnival culture by various costumes;
  • Large Surabaya Expo 2016 (18-22 May 2016)This event will be held at the Grand City. This event is the largest exhibition in the field of industry, tourism, banking. This event was a national scale to provide information about products, promotions, shopping also family entertainment;
  • Rojak Uleg Surabaya Festival 2016 (May 22, 2016)This dish is a meal of this unique Surabaya. This dish contains meat, vegetables, fruits poured by peanut sauce, paste. At the end of the event, visitors can taste the salad grind free;
  • Surabaya City of Culture Festival 2016 (May 29, 2016)This event will be held in Tunjungan Street. This will show the unique culture such as dance Ludruk Surabaya, Remo will also be shown the ancient child drama like tug of war, gobak Sodor, Bentengan. It will also be presented as a unique culinary Suroboyo clover;
  • Night Market Tunjungan 2016 (May 2016)This event will be held at The East coast Centre, Pakuwon City. Culinary variety can be found at this location. Local and European snack food can be found here;
  • Kalimas Surabaya Festival 2016 (May 2016)Along Achievement park until Monkasel museum will be decorated by sparkling lanterns and decorate the boat made a parade along the river.


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