Visit Festival Durian in Kampung Durian, Bandar Lampung.

Durain Monument built in Bandar Lampung.

Lampung has a new tourist destination of ecotourism in Sumber Agung, District Kemiling, Bandar Lampung. Sumber Agung, District Kemiling, Bandar Lampung is appointed as Kampung Durian by the provincial government in order to support tourism industry in Lampung province.  

A Durian Festival  will take place marking the soft launching of  the destination on  March 3, 2016 by the Governor of Lampung Ridho Ficardo.In this event there is a shared agenda to eat durian. To enliven the event, residents of the village of Sumber Agung presents 1000 durian-free basis to be eaten together. Besides, durian contest will be held to determine the best durian developed as superior seeds.
Butterfly Park Gita Persada at the foot of Mount Betung.

Reasons behind the determination of Desa Sumber Agung as a tourist destination is the proximity of the durian village or Kampung Durian with some travel destinations around the foot of Mount Betung, Teluk Betung in Bandar Lampung is that deer sanctuary in Wan Abdurrahman People's Forest Park, Butterfly Park, and proximity to the city center.

Deer Sanctuary in the vicinity of Kampung Durian.
 Source: Radar, March 2, 2016.


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