The Culture & Heaven in Underwater of Papua Indonesia

One example of traditional houses in Papua is called Honai. Honai is one of the indigenous Papuan house inhabited by the Dani tribe. The house consists of two floors namely the first floor as a bed and a second floor for a place to relax, eat and do crafts. The doors of Honai are very small, with no windows and roof made of grass thatch.
Papuan man wearing traditional clothes which are given in the form of headdress, a necklace made of teeth and bones of animals, necklaces of shells, belts and gloves are tufted tassel. And their spears, a shield with a distinctive garnish participate accompanies native dress. Women wear a necklace of shells and animal teeth, ornaments on the arms and clothing tufted videos that were below

Welcome Dance, a dance demonstrating the hearts of excitement in welcoming the honored guests. Musyoh dance, a dance of the holy / sacred in an effort to drive out the spirits of people died in an accident. Mbes dance, a dance of arable serves as a welcome dance. What is unique in this dance is their depiction of guests who carried the berlentang position on a shield. While drums, rhythmic dynamic perkikan perkikan amid typical, is its own color for dance adaptation of Asmat district about this.

Raja Ampat be referred to as the Pearl of the hidden, because it has one of the most beautiful dive sites in Indonesia with the most complete in the world's biodiversity. Raja Ampat consists of 1,500 islands scattered in northwest Papua. Lovers of underwater tours, backpacker, hobbyists diving, scuba diving, snorkeling definitely will not miss Raja Ampat as their travel destination.

Here are 1.500an species of fish, 700 species of mollusks, more than 500 species of coral with an area of 4.6 million hectares. According to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International are 75% of the world's marine species inhabit this island. Papua island is actually the "rich" to the gold mine and an amazing underwater world, but it is unfortunate that much potential is not fully utilized for the welfare of local communities.


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