Bali Ultimately Interesting & Notable : Bali, The Inspiration.

Bali is one of the 17,000 islands that make up the Indonesian archipelago, well known worldwide as a premier tourist destination in Indonesia and even in Asia with its natural beauty, hospitality and diverse population of unique art and culture.

Bali has an area of ​​5,653 square kilometers consisting of a plateau in the middle stretches of the eastern lowland westward with wider on the south side. Approximately 95% of the approximately 3 million people Bali embraced Hinduism and painted by the local customs. Therefore, the daily Hindu community in Bali is always based on religious guidance and order of local customs. People seems to never stop doing offerings to Ida Hyang Widhi Wasa in various religious rituals called Yadnya from conception until his death.Undergoing daily life, Balinese embraces the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana which means the harmony between man and God, man and nature and man and man.

Most Balinese are farmers. Some crop that is popular in Bali coconut, vanilla, clove, and corn. Bali is  known also as a producer of tropical fruits such as mango, orange, banana, bark, grapes and other tropical fruits.  

The tourism sector and agriculture is not entirely a basic human livelihoods of Balinese. Home industry covering crafts and food and clothing daily needs is also carried out by  resident of Bali. Taking part in the world of tourism, many people in Bali especially those living in tourist areas  master communication languages, especially English, Japanese, French, German and other foreign languages ​​ were also spoken by them.

Undergoing daily life, Balinese embraces the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana which means the harmony between man and God, man and nature and man and man.

Located on the equator, Bali has a cool tropical climatology. Temperatures in coastal regions average around 28 degrees Celsius in May and July. Warmer weather around 30 degrees Celsius between March and October. The most pleasant weather is around May and September.

Realizing nature and culture as the potential of tourism, Balinese and Provincial Government never recede manage and maintain this potential by developing tourism on the combination of Balinese culture and Hinduism. Through the development pattern, different titles have been given to the island of Bali include Island Thousand Temples, Dawn of the World, Heaven Island, Island of Gods and many more that essentially give praise to Bali.  Wan to find the destination of your preference?Visit this link.

Based on the religious life, cultural diversity and the preservation of nature, the last nickname given to Bali is "Bali, the inspiration ". In Bali, on the land of heaven which is the island of the gods, peace must be built and maintained so that the inspiration flow as the cool water. 


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