Visit Tambora Challenge 2016 in West Nusa Tenggara.

Kompas Tambora Challenge 2016 (@hariankompas)
After the success of last year, the event of Tambora Challenge 2016 will be held again this year. The event is part of Wonderful Tambora Festival taking place over five days, from 11 to 16 April 2016. Wonderful Tambora Festival will be centered in Doro Ncanga, the foot of Mount Tambora with a series of event featuring various arts and cultural performance of West Nusa Tenggara.

Tambora Challenge 2016 consists of several activities. In the run activities, there is an Ultra Run or Ultra Marathon divided into two categories, namely 320 kilometers and 100 kilometers. Running category of the 320-kilometer distance is the longest and heaviest event in Southeast Asia.

Last year, only eight participants enrolled in the Ultra Marathon and two runners reached the finish point. Alan Maulana, runner from Bandung, West Java, managed to finish the race Ultra Marathon Trans-Sumbawa in the first position. He arrived at finish line in Doro ncanga, Dompu, NTB, with a time of 62.8 hours. President Jokowi who arrived in the location pinned medals and prizes for Alan.

For 2016, the 320-kilometer category, the runners will take the same route ie from Pototano, the western end of the island of Sumbawa, and will end at Doro Ncanga. While those who take part in the category of 100 kilometers will start in Lombok. There is also a category Relay 100 and 50 K.

Tambora Bike Camp
After successful with a number of Bike Tour around islands in the country, Leading Newspaper, in 2016, Kompas will challenge bikers to join Tambora Bike Camp across Sumbawa Island with different concept namely self support. 

This bike camping concept requires bikers to bring along his necessities. there will be no supporting vehicles to transport all equipment including personal belongings 

Bikers will start from Taliwang, West Sumbawa, to Sumbawa Besar, Pulau Moyo, and finish in Doro Ncangan, the foot of Mount Tambora, Dompu. Participants will take a route full of beautiful view of beaches and stay over night in Desa Luk, Kecamatan Rhee, after cycling 80 kilometers from starting point in Taliwang.

Next day, after 30 kilometers bikers will across from Badas port to Moyo Island dan stay over night in this beautiful island. The third day, participants will go across to Calabai Port and directly to Doro Ncanga, around 30 kilometers in distance.



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