Visit Sulamadaha Beach, Ternate.

Sulamadaha beach with Hiri island at the background to the right.

Ternate is a city at the foot of Gamalama Mount also an island city, encircling by beaches. The most popular beach in Ternate is Sulamadaha beach, located in the northern part of Ternate island. Sulamadaha has many species of coastal and marine life which is very spectacular with unspoiled reef and crystal clear water. Hiri island, opposite to the island, is only a stone-throw away from this beach.

Approximately 14 miles from downtown Ternate, Sulamadaha Coast is easily accessible by public transport or private vehicles. The best spot to venture is about a stroll away for about ten minute to the left,you will a bay called Saomadaha bay with white sandy beach and marine park. You can perform water sport activities like swimming, snorkeling and diving.


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