Visit Jikomolamu Beach, Ternate.

Jikomolamu beach lies directly opposite to Hiri island.
Ternate is indeed an exotic island.As an island city, you will find a handful beaches to visit around the tiny island like Nukila Parks and Fala Java Beach, Sulamadaha Beach, Small Tolire Beach,  Fitu Beach, and Batu Angus Beach. Yet you will surprise to find a hidden beach called Jikomalamu. 

Located in a sheltered bay directly opposite the island Hiri, you will find a white sandy beach with white sand spans approximately only 100 meters. This is just the place to enjoy yourself . With clear water, so crystal clear to seem beautiful coral reefs towing. In this area, underwater bay is dominated by hard coral, of course, is a paradise for those who like snorkeling and diving.

Jikomalamo beach is named after the township in Hiri Island (an island right in front of the bay). The location is not too far from Sulamadaha beach and still be on the island of Ternate, but land access is limited to the bay Jikomalamo, the only to reach the bay is by hiring speedboats with rental costs approximately Rp. 250 thousand for the shuttle trip.


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