Come and Visit Kasa Island, West Seram, Maluku Province.

Kasa Island is one of the maritime tourist attractions located in the district of West Seram, Maluku Province. The island area is around 53 ha with ocean Nature Park of 1100 ha and the vast plains of around 900 Ha. This island lies between Ambon island and Seram island and about 55 km from Tulehu port in the district of Salahatu, Maluku Tengah Regency.

Kasa island besides having beautiful natural scenery, it also have marine resources which are so great with diverse coral reefs. Various shades of sea life with fish, corals diverse shapes and sizes can be found here.In addition, the island also has some potential of Kasa flora and fauna. Some of the potential flora Kasa is Anggrek Bulan Island Ambon, Sea Pine, Sea Waru, Bintanggor, Sea Pandan and Beringin Beach. While the potential of fauna is a bird habitat Camar, Shorebirds, and megapode (Maleo).

The island has white sand with a beautiful underwater scenery and natural very suitable for a break from the hustle and the bustle of modern life. For water sport enthusiasts, you can swim and dive accompanied by a fish while enjoying the coral reefs and other marine life.

This island can be accessed approximately one hour 30 minutes from the Capital City of Piru-West Seram using sea transport in the form of a speedboat. In addition, you can also reach through another route about two hours from Natsepa beach. Browse Pulau Kasa to know more Kasa Island


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